Friday, February 8, 2013


The Week of February 4 - 8

In case you missed it...

- Interviews about living in Antarctica and traveling alone through Southeast Asia.

- "Welcome to the Prince Edward Islands."

- The contents of Jane Marie's makeup bag.

- The ladylike pie.

- How to dress more like a sandwich.

- The first of the First Pages of Fake Lifetime Movies.

- Kira Goldenberg's Dog Shadow.

- "The Mother of Dragons Looks Into Day School Options."

- And Relationshits.

Stay warm/dry/intact!

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Guns & Butter

What is the structure in the photograph?


@Guns & Butter I think it might be a small tower in York? It kinda looks like one I showed my boyfriend a photo of to see if he could ID it.

I'm going to the UK in 49 days (but who's counting) to see my boyfriend for the first time in aaagesssssss and meet his mother and we'll go to York and I'll visit a friend at Oxford and we'll go see the castle Downton Abbey was filmed in and we're going to Tate and libraries and so many things and I'm going to exploooode

Guns & Butter

@Serafina yay thanks for the info. It was such a good-looking tower. I'd definitely tap that castle.

Your upcoming trip sounds wonderful! How many days will it be? Are you sticking to a schedule or winging it? Too many questions? Sorry? :D



sounds exciting, i wanna see the castle too!


Looks simple.@a

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