Saturday, February 23, 2013


The Week of February 18 - 22

In case you missed it...

- Imperfect advice from strangers.

- Alone in Shanghai.

- How to look more like McDonald's characters.

- "... a healthy dessert that called for black beans and a sugar substitute ..."

- The comments on this "if sitting is the new smoking" post are hilarious.

- Things we have in common with Michelle Obama.

- "we are going to have to put off this ball": Texts From Pride and Prejudice.

- Reading your way through the stomach flu. (Jackie Collins, Justine Blau...)

- First Pages of Fake Lifetime Movies: 'The Triumph.' Or, 'Poop Cruise.'

- Ask an Apology.

- And making somewhat revolting-sounding cakes (pies?) from Martha Washington's recipe book.

Have an excellent weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday!

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Miss Maszkerádi

We had a thread on Star Trek, a thread on GIFs, I learned how to post GIFs, and I myself have had the kind of week that can only be remedied with strong drink. THEREFORE:


@Countess Maritza
that's a good one, appreciate the gif there!

Miss Maszkerádi

@mcleodglen My life, though I didn't know it, was somehow empty before I had a reaction gif of Chekov disapproving of Scotch on an endless loop.


We should make every Looking Back a GIF party. I like GIF parties.


wonderful job@n

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