Monday, February 25, 2013


The Nu[de] Project

If you're in a place where it's appropriate to look at cool pictures of naked people, The Nu Project is a collection of portraits of women in their homes (anyone can volunteer), and will eventually be a Kickstarted book, too, if you want one of those.

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Huh, neat! I am naked around the house 90% of the time anyway, sooo.

(On the other hand, I would just be another cis-white-mostly-straight-sized addition to the project, so maybe not.)


I am not in an appropriate place and I clicked it anyway because you cannot point me towards "cool pictures of naked people" and expect me to save that for later. I backed out fairly quickly though.


This is beautiful@n


hunh, I wonder if this is the same project I checked out a couple years ago - I spoke with the photographer, and said I'd be interested in participating, and asked the photographer to send me some dates and times so my then-boyfriend and I could check out schedules (since I wanted to make sure he was there since I was inviting a stranger to my house to photograph me naked) and the photographer got weird and kind of challenged me on that aspect of it, saying that he/she didn't want my boyfriend there, just me. which seemed... weird.

Matt Blum@facebook

@noodge I'm 100% sure that wasn't me. There are 2 Matt Blums, so if you're in Texas it could be the other one. Either way, that's a pretty shady thing to do... Not how we roll.


@Matt Blum@facebook awesome! that's good to hear - whoever it was seemed really nonplussed that i'd even considered it, saying it would be against what the whole project was about. I was like... um, I'll pass.


I am interested at how many close-trimmed or virtually hairless pubic areas were represented? I wondered if they all did a little grooming out of nerves, or if that's their normal state, or ? I clicked around quite a bit and noticed nary a full bush. Interesting, I tell you.

Riya Garg@facebook

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