Monday, February 4, 2013


The Lives of Lady Astor

One of my sons told me recently that I had not taken enough interest in him before he was seven. My reply was that if I had known as much as I do now, I should not have had him at all.

There's a new biography of Lady Nancy Astor (Viscountess Astor?), which the excellent Emma Garman reviews for The Daily Beast. Nancy's wearing an incredible dress on the cover, if that swings you one way or the other.

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She sounds kinda like Emily Gilmore. I tried reading a bio of the Langhorne sisters last year, because I'm from near where she's from, but got caught up in school & life--maybe I'll revisit the family now.




Most of what I know about Lady Astor is a billion remarks read in other people's letters and biographies that I then forgot the context of but even Wikipedia has some jewels ("During the war, Astor got into a fight with her husband about chocolate and soon after he had a heart attack. After this, their marriage grew cold...")


@queenofbithynia she was a terrible human and all but sweet christ am I put off by the way more offhanded words of that review are spent on her (funny ? prudish?) aversion to sex and the hi-larious ways she expressed this outlook than on the fact that her first husband raped her. it is true that the latter is not so funny.


using chloroform! my god.


Needs more Astor-Mitford anecdotes.

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