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The Edwardian Sex-Pest

"I’m messing up people’s lives. There was this punter who came up to me on the tube and goes, “Listen, mate, I don’t normally watch period drama.” That’s how it always starts, and the next line is, “my missus watches it.” And then the third is, “but I’ve actually started liking it. You f**king the man, man. Last night, the tears…” and then he just walks off! And you think, This is what I do it for."
Rob James-Collier on being the man you love to [something]. And, of course, you've seen The Picture by now, right? Someone should write a dissertation on how perfectly rumpled and pleasant-looking Lord Grantham is, and how happy Daisy looks wedged into his armpit, and how Anna may be a little "Bates, watch that hand, k?"

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He could get it (in that grandpa sweater & scruff, specifically).


@hallelujah I'd like to mess up his life.


I'ma take your grandpa's style
I'ma take your grandpa's style,
No for real - ask your grandpa - can I have his hand-me-downs?

RK Fire

I'll wear your grandpa's clothes
I look incredible..


@RK Fire I'm in this big-ass boat...


It's fun to imagine Lord Grantham with that wacked wide-blue-eyed stare from the music video grandpa.


That picture! This is the first time I've seen it and and now I'm imagining a very special episode where Thomas, Robert, Daisy, Anna nad Bates all go on holiday together and hijinks ensues.


Is it odd to gleefully loathe Thomas whilst attempting to marry Rob?


@teaandcakeordeath I mean, I hope not.


Hmm he looks like a frolicker

Lily Rowan

@teaandcakeordeath Rob is 10000 times better-looking than Thomas, and I don't quite understand it.


@Lily Rowan It's the rumpled hair and 5 o'clock shadow. He looks WAY better when he's not valet-level groomed.

Lily Rowan

@SuperGogo And actually smiling and whatnot.


@Lily Rowan He's seriously the cutest with that scruff. It's the non-scheminess, I feel like.


I like his jokes

Hot Doom

@teaandcakeordeath Ja, he dings my dong.


For the longest time, before I started half-watching it, I could not figure out why it was called 'Downtown Abbey' when it's pretty clearly set in a country manor. So that picture was very helpful, thanks.

Cowgirl Rose

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll I barely questioned the title until I was almost through the first season. What's even more shameful is that I didn't notice that typing "Downtown" into Netflix was being auto filled to "Downton."

Faintly Macabre

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll I learned pretty quickly because I started watching it with my older sister and she mercilessly mocked me for saying "Downtown Abbey."


@Faintly Macabre I feel like saying "Downtown Abbey" has become the greatest sneerable faux pas of our modern age.


The term "sex-pest" has been in need of resuscitation.


I had not seen that picture. Lord Grantham, hangin' with his servants at the Port Authority!

Setec Astrology

@Clare - Not Port Authority--almost definitely Columbus Circle, judging by the available train lines (and by the fact that the background's not as grubby as it would be at West 4th Street, the other station where the A/B/C/D all go).


@Setec Astrology ...but the Port Authority is funnier :(

A. Louise

"No, no, this is real. Jim Carter, who plays Carson, he’s an amazing breaker. We’re like, “Go Carson, go Carson,” and he’s proper break dancing. It’s true. To see this great British actor who’s done everything, a real legend, spinning on his head in between takes? What a guy. Mrs. Hughes is a popper, she goes, [hums “Push It”]."





I just want to say that I was having an awful day and clicked on the other link to Rob James' Thomas and the Unicorn story and my day improved 1000%.


"I just want to say thank you to everyone who watched and tuned in and loved my evil gayness." Pues, I'm not sure how much I love this if he's straight IRL (I don't know how he identifies) but I am definitely gonna need to start saying this more IRQL (In Real Queer Life).


@FulanaDeTallcan Wikipedia is surprisingly taciturn. He had a layout in Out mag awhile back, so whether or not he identifies as g/q/b/etc., he's a pretty comfortable-with-sexualities dude, apparently.

Lily Rowan

@FulanaDeTallcan I'm pretty sure he's married to a woman, but clearly doesn't make a big thing about it.


@FulanaDeTallcan @par_parenthese @Lily Rowan

He mentioned his girlfriend and their kid in an interview last year. I found this Daily Express quote from the Wikipedia citation about his being a father:

Rob himself is the father of a two-year-old son. “I’m a dad and I’m in a very happy relationship with a lovely girlfriend,” he says. “It’s a secure little unit and they keep me nice and grounded.”
Valley Girl

I don't know whether I love Rob James-Collier or Thomas my beloved little Edwardian Sex-Pest more. Well, actually, that's not true, I'm always a sucker for a cute woobie so it's Thomas 4 Life.

I'm still holding out hope for Thomas/Jimmy, too, so I'm just a glutton for punishment.

fuck fuck fuck

@Valley Girl i feel like we're soooo close to thomas/jimmy! IT WILL HAPPEN.

Mrs. Grundy

If Thomas doesn't get to have sex next season I am going to burn Downton Abbey to the ground.


@Mrs. Grundy Surely he's gotten some on-the-DL action at SOME point in the last eight years, since Sir Closeted, Duke of Double-Cross from season 1?

Mrs. Grundy

@par_parenthese God, I hope so, but: footage, or it didn't happen.

The Hyperbolic Julia Set

QUICK someone post a link to this photo in google images or something because facebook is blocked here AND I CAN'T SEE IT!!!!


@The Hyperbolic Julia Set Also this:


@highfivesforall D'aw. Rob. He just looks so... normal and menschy.

Manchester Tart

Being a Manchester brit, I loved him in (the soap) Coronation Street and cried bitter tears when his character died. In fact when I was living in the US and my mum would be on the phone giving me Downton updates (cos that's worth huge international phone bills right?) it would be 'and then Liam from Coronation Street, you know the one with the factory that died? Well he locked Lord Grantham's dog in a shed!'


@Manchester Tart I still mourn the loss of Liam's fine-ness.


@Manchester Tart Ha! I always think of him as Liam too. His black Irish fine-ness has not been replaced on Corrie since.

Manchester Tart

@faustbanana Liam was the best. I'm back in the UK and getting sucked back into watching the street, much as I try to resist, and there's really nobody to compare. Maria's still knocking around with his offspring though, which is nice.

George Templeton Strong

A little off-topic but did any of you ever see Hugh Bonneville in Twenty Twelve, the mockumentary series about the London Olympics? Bonneville is an amazing deadpan comic actor. Very "The Office", only better, I thought.

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