Thursday, February 7, 2013


"Closer," Tegan and Sara

Heartthrob is in stores now! Speaking of gay women that mostly-straight women sometimes have conflicting feelings about, Kate Moennig is one of the faces of Wildfang, the "world's first home for tomboys."

(Moennig is not out-out, but after several hours of reading the comment sections of gossip websites, we're prepared to make that call. Kate, email me personally if you want a retraction.)

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fondue with cheddar

Wildfang sounds great! Here's hoping they also feature clothes for ladies who don't have boyish figures!


@fondue with cheddar - Yes. I need fashion for someone whose body is a Joan, but whose style is Peggy's lesbian friend. Crossing my fingers.


@alannaofdoom I have found Qwear helpful! Tips for fitting oxford shirts over hips, etc.

fondue with cheddar

@AnalogMetronome Wow, that's great! I'm more of a casual dresser than what seems to be featured here, but it's definitely helpful.


@fondue with cheddar DapperQ and TomboyFemme are also both really good. (I'd link but then this comment would probably disappear...) DapperQ tends to cover more formal fashion but the tomboyfemme tumblr presents a huge range, from more made-up femme looks through androgyny and into masculine style.



check this woman out


fondue with cheddar

@queenofbithynia Wow, I love her style!


Does anyone have a problem not being able to match their preferred style not to their body but to their face? I have an obviously female body (that I like! Mostly.), but my face isn't, like, aggressively gendered or androgynous, so I feel like I have to be really careful in what I wear - not only to be flattering on my body but to not combine with my dumb face to make me look like a cross-dresser (which is great, just not what I'm going for.) Like, I can always go girlier, but going more masculine can sometimes misfire.

fondue with cheddar

@MoxyCrimeFighter Hm...I don't have that problem but I do sort of relate. I have a feminine enough face and a very curvy figure but I don't wear makeup or do anything special with my hair. When I wear dressy, feminine clothes sometimes I feel like I'm in drag! It's partly because I hardly ever wear that stuff, but it's also the fact that my face and hair never seem to "match".


I listened to this once, and I just loved it! @n


Ugh, I just love looking at their faces. The jawlines! The cheekbones! Give me your bone structure, guys, pretty please!

sarah girl

They're so beautifullllllll


I know, I feel like I am missing something because those girls are all super pretty and wearing makeup and some have long hair - I guess I thought "tomboy" indicated something more than "wears pants.

sorry if this is coming off snarky, I do like the style, I've just been up since 4am.

RK Fire

@iceberg I totally hear you on this. squints It seems like tomboy = a lot of tailored menswear pieces.


@iceberg wait, does tomboy mean not super-pretty? aren't tomboy models still under the category of models? i definitely don't think tomboy means someone who has to have short hair.
i mean, i'm pretty sure this is tomboy because it is tailored menswear/reconstructed ideas about the line between women and men's fashion? which really is like the grown up version of what i went through as a child, i.e. not wanting to be "girly" and loving Scout Finch and Caddie Woodlawn and wanting to reconstruct ideas about the line between boys and girl's activities/clothes.

fondue with cheddar

@juksie I get it though, "tomboy" might conjure up an image of a more boyish woman...butch, even. As she said, makeup and long hair. And if a butch woman is attractive you probably wouldn't use the word "pretty" to describe her. At least, I wouldn't.

I admit, I wouldn't expect to see makeup on someone who considered themselves a tomboy, but when I really think of what the word means, makeup doesn't exactly seem like something that doesn't belong.


Judging by the Wild Fang promo video, Bugsy Malone is very "in" this season.


@fondue with cheddar Yeah this - I meant they're like, pretty-dolly girl pretty, I was thinking they'd look more like, well, Tegan and Sara! Who in my opinion are also model-pretty but in a much more boyish way. Illogical I guess but that's what I assumed.


@fondue with cheddar Oh definitely! But I think the weird part about the fashion world is that "no-makeup"="delicate and pure" instead of "masucline" so in the fashion world tomboy means "eyeliner! and messy hair!" And there are definitely boyish/butch women in those pictures, there is just a variety of tomboy, which personally I find great.
Also sorry about the weird move between caps and no caps in my last comment, all- typing is apparently difficult today.


@iceberg and I expected the styling to be more butchy I guess.


@iceberg Those expectations are totally legit! But also are we looking at the same pictures??
that doesn't seem very girly or dolly to me at all.


@juksie I blame the marketing problem.

I feel like, if you're going to put a big ass manifesto-y front page up like that you've got a higher bar to clear than the the same tailored pants, t-shirt, and hour in front of a mirror with a make-up bag look that's been feminine for the last half decade--but look a bow tie.

Obviously though marketing is bullshit so it's not like I should actually expect it to have any bearing on the actual product.

ETA: yeah but compare the way they look in that semi-candid shot to the little trailer thing, and the trailer is the way it's "supposed" to look.

fondue with cheddar

@juksie Agreed! I very much enjoy a wide variety of tomboy, with regard to others as well as myself. My usual style is just on the feminine side of androgynous, and so are the styles of some of these women, only they everyone does it in a different way. It's great.


@juksie But god damn it is not acceptable to make the only alternative to "girly" be (tom)"boyish." Part -- a small part but still a part -- of why I like ties and trousers and short hair is because I DON'T want a personal style that's childlike or infantilized. For fuck's sake it is hard enough fighting against having people call my standard sexxxy short haircut a "pixie."



@queenofbithynia some dudes totally have elf hair. I think we should start calling them out on it.


@iceberg aaaand now that I think about it I would like to see extremely masculine-presenting men (I'm thinking your basic lantern-jawed fireman type) in feminine clothes/styling. There is probably already a Tumblr?

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg Unfortunately the original photoshoot site seems to have been taken down, but have you seen UNICORN MAN? Probably not what you're looking for but your comment made me think of it.

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

if ladies want menswear they can have it i wanna wear pink and shit with ruffles


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood
I would take a skirt that doesn't pretend to be a kilt by adding 800 pounds of pleating and an empire waist. I wash my white socks in the same load as brand new red shirts, like hell I'm going to take care of pleats.


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood pics please


This is an embarrassing question to have to ask, but in that video which one is Tegan and which is Sara?


@Decca No seriously, someone tell me so I can know which one I have a crush on


@Decca each one is both, sorry

Astronaut Mermaid

@Decca The curly-headed one is Tegan in this, but in general the easiest way to tell them apart on sight is that Sara's ears are ungaged and Tegan's are gaged.


@Astronaut Mermaid brb writing her name in love hearts on the cover of my journal


@Decca Tegan is the one with the moppier hair who does most of the singing in this video. Sara is the one with the shorter/neater hair who does the harmonizing/chorus.


@Astronaut Mermaid this may be the most service-y thing I see today!


@leastimportantperson This comment is still making me laugh


@Decca don't laugh, it's TRUE


@trappedinabay Also, Tegan has a labret piercing (piercing between your lower lip and chin) and Sara does not.

Once you look at them long enough (I know, such a trial...), you'll notice that Sara has a more pronounced jaw, and that she's generally a little thinner than Tegan.

Lastly, Tegan makes weird/suuuuuuuuuuuuuper seeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxy faces when she sings, and does odd/suuuuuuuuuuuuuper seeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxy things with her mouth. Sara generally doesn't.

Lisa Frank

When I first read "world's first home for tomboys," I took it literally and imagined a Hogwarts for girls in dungarees who learn to change the oil and climb trees.


@Lisa Frank That's pretty much exactly what I pictured, too. Apparently not? Le sigh.


I will happily take super pop produced Tegan and Sara right now because winter is grey and depressing and I need a reason to bounce.


@thisisunclear I'm so conflicted about this album. I love them so much, I just wish they always sounded like this.


@trappedinabay Yeah, even though I love this song, I'm not excited about this album.


@trappedinabay ugh I knowwwww. I'm kind of pretending "Heartthrob" is by a different band that is giving me a girl pop alternative to Taylor Swift.


@trappedinabay I'm the opposite. I understand a band's need to grow and change, but I find it hard to stomach the pop direction they have been taking.
I still love them, its just that I'll probably stick with everything up to and including 'The Con'


@thisisunclear I've been super digging this album lately. It's just an awesome 80s pop breakup record. I do hope that this is just kind of a fun one-off, though. I can't really imagine T&S just turning into a straight-up pop group.


I find myself very attracted to women who look like Tegan & Sarah (is butch? the right term? Is there a term? I don't know. I don't want to be insensitive so I apologize) and I'm straight, but it makes me wonder if I'm not? I probably should leave this comment in my head.


@Slutface well, this post & comments probably make it clear you are not alone, plus sexuality is more of a spectrum than an off/on switch. That said, the line between pretty boy and sort-of-andro pretty girl is pretty fuzzy, so if you find them attractive but probably aren't interested in having sex with a vagina, you are still straight.


@bb Well, it's more complicated than just watching a Tegan & Sarah video, but I agree that sexuality is a spectrum.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Slutface I think everyone is likely a little bit gay, whether they like to think so or not. (But that may just be wishful thinking on my part.)


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I also think this!


@Slutface Sexuality spectrum yay!

@bb I fondly imagine lady kissing/cuddling (and yes! I have the same type in both men and women -- slim, smart, intense, sarcastic, doesn't mind telling me to shut up) but not so much with the sexytimes. I want to be like mostly-platonic married to Sue Perkins and full married to Giles Coren, for instance. So I would identify as straight but if we're on a continuum I'd probably put myself at about 80% of the way to the straight side.


Have not been able to stop listening to Heartthrob for the past week. Many solo bedroom dance parties to "Closer" (where dance = just jumping up and down a lot).

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@zamboni This has been happening in my kitchen as well. Also to "I'm Not Your Hero."

happy go lucky scamp

@zamboni its too damn catchy.
still disappointed this song didn't rate a mention in Triple Js hottest 100... its such a summer song.

fondue with cheddar

The long-haired model in the hat and overalls reminds me of Shirley Henderson in Dirty, Filthy Love! :)


love it! Does anyone know if the whole album is streaming anywhere legit? Trying to be good about not spending money but also don't want to actually pirate the album.


@appletree It's on spotify.


@Onymous thank you!


@appletree also on their soundcloud for any spotify-impaired folks: http://soundcloud.com/teganandsara/sets/heartthrob/


@zamboni I've also found it on Grooveshark, which is an awesome site also for the spotify-impaired like me/ppl who don't like the ads.

The Frozen Head of Dorothy Zbornak

Ummm...have you guys seen this? Tegan and Sara interviewing Kate Moenning. It's devastatingly short, but I suppose that is necessary to prevent the lesbian universe from exploding in sexual frustration.



This isn't fair. There's Tegan with short hair again; Kate Moennig being her well-spoken, soft-voiced, Capricorn self; and Sara with her probing, intense questions. GODDAMMIT. GODDAMMIT TO HELL.


@The Frozen Head of Dorothy Zbornak - Well, there goes the rest of my afternoon. And evening. And probably most of tomorrow as well.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

They would think I was weird if they came to my house because I have a poster of them up on my wall. In three different rooms.


@The Frozen Head of Dorothy Zbornak Oh my god I need so many more minutes of this. Can I just, like, see them setting up and doing soundcheck or whatever?


I'm all horned up now and I didn't even watch, just listened.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

THIS ALBUM. Is soooo good. The best thing was mine came with a Heartthrob magazine, which is designed like the old Tiger Beat mags. So hilarious. And they are so gorgeous.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

ALSO, where is wee_ramekin, this is an important thread.


Ha! So I just read some press for Heartthrob on The Standard's website, and I just have so many thoughts and feelings about this quote in particular:

The Standard:What about heartthrobs today?

Sara: I don’t necessarily feel like I let myself run away with the idea of liking someone enough to claim that they’re a heartthrob but I feel like––

Tegan: Daniel Craig

Sara: Tegan loves Daniel Craig.

Tegan: He is a man.

Sara: He is a man. My big one is Alicia Keys. She is really powerful. Also Robyn. (Ed. <---- SARA IS SUCH A 'PINNER!!!!!!!!!!)


I love love LOVE Katherine Moennig. Shane 4EVER. And my husband is okay with that.

ms. alex

Every time I get my hair cut I hope I leave looking like either Tegan or Sara, and I'm a little bit sad that I don't, but let's face it, a really good haircut inspired by either of them isn't going to give me their amazing cheekbones. *SIGH*


I just want to share that I felt a strong need to sing this as a karaoke song...and the video comes out at them doing karaoke. Meant to be, you guys.

I also have the biggest crush on Tegan.


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