Monday, February 4, 2013


Superbowl Monday

At a time when they should have been aggressively gathering news, CBS’ crew was satisfied with the crumbs the NFL dropped on them.

How about that blackout? (!?) Not exactly related, but this year's Puppy Bowl winner is a schnauzer-beagle mix who's "a true Cinderella story."

Also: Andrew Sullivan's "The Dish" is now live, and King Richard III's skeleton has apparently been found. Yeah, I don't know, today is weird.

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The news about Richard III is a good reminder to brush up on your English monarchs, courtesy of Horrible Histories.

(I know this is putatively for children, but it's so so great.)


@Decca or for breaking out terrible Shakespeare puns - mine: There's something rotten underneath this carpark (I know, wrong play, but COME ON)


@iceberg My favourites are all the: "Did you suspect Richard III was buried there?", "Well, I had a hunch".


@Where Pies Go When They Die My favourites are probably the Borgia / Addams Family one, or anything involving George IV. Just hilarious.


@Decca warning that that link launches a video!! A loud one!
(I'm mainly sad because that means I can't watch until after work)


@themegnapkin Oops, apologies!


@Decca I came to the hairpin this morning hoping we'd be talking about this--hooray! I wake up (normally slowly and groggily) to the radio each morning, and hearing the news that they found him made me bolt out of bed and yell "WHAT"

It's so exciting!


We seem to have made it through the celebrations in Baltimore with minimal property damage, so hooray! I'm so glad Ray Lewis gets to go out on top. He's done so much for our city. (I am also glad that I will never have to hear as many half-assed murder jokes as I did last night. You think it'd still be funny the two hundredth time.)

Puppy Bowl was perfection. I love the NFL, but I'd love it even more if Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl switched funding streams for a year. Can you imagine the pets that could be adopted? LOVE.

ETA: Oh hey also: the Ravens cheered "For OJ!" at the trophy presentation last night. OJ Brigance is the man they were cheering for.


@area@twitter Okay, that ETA is really sweet.


@anachronistique I know, right? Sudden attack of feels. He was in the locker room front and center after they won the ALC championship two weeks ago, too.


Did anybody else get unexpectedly SUPER EMOTIONAL when Kelly and Michelle joined Beyonce at the halftime show?


@anachronistique Not here, I'm afraid, but I loved the fact that they popped out of the stage like miniature rockets. DESTINY'S CHILD GO.


@anachronistique I got SUPER EMOTIONAL, but was also expecting to, so.


@anachronistique SUPER emotional! I just kept screaming at my boyfriend how great it was.


@anachronistique It was amaaazing when they popped out of the floor, but then kind of hilarious and sad that it seemed like their mics were turned down way low? Or possibly Beyonce's just a far more powerful singer than either of them.


@Decca I thought the sound mixing on the whole thing was a little weird. Somehow the halftime show didn't quite connect for me, which is strange, since Beyoncé and Destiny's Child are great.


@anachronistique No, but the discovery that my boyfriend apparently believed the whole "oh, Michelle's too busy, there will be no Destiny Child reunion" story made my halftime show extra hilarious/adorable.


@Probs Yes! I felt like Kelley and Michelle's mic's were off balance. And frankly, I wasn't enough of a Destiny's Child fan to know if Beyonce's voice is just that much larger than the other two? But I'd have a hard time believing that...

Ummm also, who got super emotional during the Sandy Hook and Jennifer Hudson performance???


@bitchycrosstownexpress Morbidly enough, my boyfriend thought one of them was dead and that's why Destiny's Child had split up.


@khaleesi My boyfriend thought the same thing! I think they are thinking of TLC.


@sox Nope, the mics were off balance for sure. It was obvious and awkward.


@khaleesi @pyxis yep, we had the same thing at my party and traced it back to TLC.

@sox I thought for a moment that there were spaces left in the Sandy Hook chorus and was about to LOSE MY MIND, but it turns out that children just aren't that good at spacing themselves evenly.


or for breaking out terrible Shakespeare puns - mine: There's something rotten underneath this carpark (I know, wrong play, but COME ON) www.boondoxxxmx.com

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood



@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood That was the first thing I discovered when I woke up this morning! It is, uh, Something.


Also only just watching Beyonce's performance now. Hel-lo foxy guitar player.


This was posted on fb this morning and has led to a few laughs. http://poormichelle.com/


@khaleesi oh man thank you for making my Monday morning a little bit better. genius!

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I was recalled after forty-five minutes from the Super Bowl party I was attending because my mother-in-law couldn't calm my five month-old after we left. Not that I'm disappointed at ALL, because I was there long enough to eat a ton of food and then go home to hang out with my kids before going to bed at a reasonable hour because oldness.


So, after watching almost the whole Super Bowl and almost all the commercials, two questions:
1. Did that Calvin Klein porn underwear ad make anyone else uncomfortable?
2. Is "Super Monday" a thing now?


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher The Calvin Klein ad made me think I was watching a remake of "American Psycho".


@area@twitter What about the look on Bar Rafaeli's face at the end of the go daddy commercial? Shouldn't they have done another take/ found a better actress/ trashed the whole idea and come up with another one???



Also, that Axe commercial with the astronaut would have been 100% better if it had been a commercial for NASA instead of cologne.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher the calvin klein ad at least let the dudes at my party make several hundred remarks along the lines of "oh man I didn't know they were filming me! this is so embarrassing you guys"


@breccia So this prompted me to look up the Calvin Klein ad ( i only watched the halftime show, streamed online) and it just seemed like some dude flexing? But I am in my cube watching it on my phone with headphones... Perhaps in a room full of people on a big screen in HD I'd feel differently?

Please to explain, thank you?!


@sox @The Everpresent Wordsnatcher That entire commercial (and really, the whole of GoDaddy's marketing department) should be lit on fire. FIRE. I dream of the day when the women in the GoDaddy ads rise up as one and overtake the company in the name of a militant feminist collective.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Yes! We were actually laughing and then the Axe logo popped up and we felt dirty.


@sox I just don't understand the cuts to the machine parts with motor oil and stuff. And also it was kind of odd on a larger screen in a room full of people--we all looked up and suddenly a mostly naked dude and oil and undapants.


@bitchycrosstownexpress My room's reaction exactly.


@breccia My boyfriend made this joke and variations of it approximately 1,000x and the worst part is that he's actually super muscular and cut, so (face aside) he mostly resembled that dude. (FWIW, he's dismayed that I'm not actually that into muscles -- early in our relationship he would flex his biceps all the time prompting me to say, "Ugh, you remind me of Popeye.")


@bitchycrosstownexpress The Axe commercial made us feel almost as surprised as the Scientology commercial. We were all guessing which university it would be for (Phoenix?), and then all at once went "OHHHH" when "SCIENTOLOGY" flashed on the screen.


@meetapossum I somehow missed that one! Just looked it up, TOTALLY reads like an online university ad right up until the end.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher
I thought about the Calvin Klein ad this morning. Specifically, a straight dude's reaction at the party I attended. "Well, that was uncomfortable." Why did he feel that way? (Not trying to trash on the guy, he's a cool guy, but still.)

1) He isn't used to not being the target audience for a commercial.
2) He felt self-conscious, even ashamed, after seeing a male body sexually objectified and physically glorified.
3) He felt uncomfortable seeing a sexualized commercial that wasn't a female body, and it possibly struck up some internal homophobia.
4) He feels uncomfortable with sensual/sexual commercials in general, or around other people.

I told him that's how it is for women ALL THE TIME. We're constantly turning on the TV and seeing commercials sexualizing women's bodies. (For us, I imagine it's mostly uncomfortable because it's another reminder that we're systematically viewed as sexual objects, or that we are compared to impossible ideals. For men that's less of a worry.)

Anyway, women make up nearly half of the Super Bowl audience, and if we're gonna objectify people, I'm happy to see some measure of equality.


@sox I thought about Bar Rafaeli's face too! And how uncomfortable that kiss was to watch. So much longer and more intense than most TV kisses. The whole gendered dichotomy of brains and sex appeal is just so tired anyway.

I don't think we saw the Scientology commercial. Unless it was before the game or when I was in the bathroom, but I think my boyfriend would have told me about it.
Did anyone else find that black betta fish singing "No Diggity" really mesmerizing?


@whateverlolawants I had to have a conversation about my dad with that CK ad, because he said "who is the target audience for this thing?" and I said, well, gay guys watch football, to which he said "that's a pretty small percentage of people." I said "Also, uh, me?" He argued that it's a men's product, and I had to point out that women have a hell of a lot of influence over purchasing decisions, ie I got my husband to switch from boxers recently to boxer-briefs because dudes will usually wear whatever if a woman says it would look good. I didn't even try getting into the extra level of objectification and how all VS ads are equally sexy and have the same problem of being aimed for the consumption of the opposite gender than the intended purchaser because I have to pick my battles with him, sadly.


True story: Beyonce told those archaeologists where the bones were


Wasn't it crazy when Beyonce was so fucking boss that she knocked out the power?


Marta may have won the Puppy Bowl but Sally the dachshund/basset hound stole my heart. I watched the whole thing, squealing every time she was on screen. Those ears! That belly! Her big ol' feet! http://youtu.be/TsDJjvFW1Ig

New Hoarder

@WineRanger I caught her napping at least twice. ♥♥♥♥♥


i thought the blackout was part of the show at the beginning.


Late afternoon yesterday my old college friend called to say that he was in town dropping someone off at the airport, and that I should bop out and have a beer. So I did and it was fun. This morning I woke up and realized that not only (A) did he assume I had nothing to do on Super Bowl Sunday, but (B) he was totally right.


Ugggh, still have losers' hangover out here in California. Less mad about the failure to score that final touchdown, more mad about how shitty the Niners' defense was. You guys, I'm going to stop caring about football again, this sucks.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

The VW commercial with all the Minnesota people speaking in Jamaican accents had me confused. I think it was maybe offensive? But the fact that I'm not sure has me even more confused?


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Yeah, after that was over I said, "I think that was racist?"


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Apparently there was some flap about that commercial when it first came out, and the Vice President of Jamaica got asked about it and said "nope, we're not offended, we're proud of our national attitude." But of course one guy can't speak for all Jamaicans.

polka dots vs stripes

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I heard a commentator on MSNBC (MSNBC!) say "Well, it's not racist, because Jamaica is a nation, not a race."

Other-izing (please excuse my very technical language) a nation is still....icky, if not dictionary-definition racist.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose There's a spoof of it, made by Jamaicans, I think, on the good stuff happened today tumblr, but the video is private so I haven't been able to watch it.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

I guess I just felt it was weird, and the fact that I had to turn to the person sitting next to me and say, "So, was that racist?" made me dislike the commercial because it made me think too much. No thinking during the Super Bowl, thanks.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Yep, it was definitely gross if not "technically" racist. I mean imagine being a serious, reserved or shy hard-working Jamaican-American goign to work today and getting nudged in the ribs and "irie mon"-ed by all your asshole coworkers?


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Someone at the party I went to called the commerical "the verbal equivalent of blackface." It's gotta be the biggest fail of VW, who normally has pretty likeable and non-controversial happy ads.


@polka dots vs stripes

I'm not trying to be difficult here, but could somebody gently explain to me why this is so much worse/offensive than doing this exact same ad with, say, a surfer California voice or a Valley Girl impression? It is ONLY because the rasta accent is associated with black people?


@Diana Racialicious has a post about this if you're interested.


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I didn't watch the Superbowl last night, but on Saturday I attended the creation of California's largest cheeseburger, so that counts for something, right? (For the record, it tasted more like a big grilled meatloaf.)


@frigwiggin JEALOUS.


Mondays are a usual day off for me, but I'm supposed to go do some customer service stuff at the animal shelter this afternoon. Will everybody be in a good mood and adopting celebratory pets? Or will the citywide hangover make people mean? I predict a lot of people will be looking for lost pets, too, because Bmore got kind of insane last night.


@frenz.lo Post-Puppy Bowl means adoptions!


In case that news about Richard III and Plantagenet descendents is making anyone else wonder if it's still possible to marry a Plantagenet, well: here you go.


@Lucienne My boyfriend is, as far as research can tell, a direct descendent of Edward III via John of Gaunt (the Beaufort line, like the chap above). It is amazing.

Miss Maszkerádi

Is this like Monday Open Thread? Can it please be Monday Open Thread?
If so I have a bit of TMI randomness and advice-seeking. You guys, I think my boobs are getting bigger. They've been sort of vaguely sore and tender for a few weeks and there just seems to be....more flesh there. Hormonal changes as I approach my MID-twenties? Yikes. Anyway, problem is, I'm still skinny as a rail, like, when it comes to bra sizing, a 32 is too big. But if the random bra fitting I got last year is to be believed, I was a C cup when I was convinced I was an A and if they've gotten any bigger.....well anyway, does anyone have any recommendations for decent but CHEAP (seriously unemployed grad student here) bras that come in sizes like 30C?!


@Countess Maritza Journelle's warehouse sale is online right now, you might try there. (No returns, though. Sucks.)

Timpa's 32C runs a little small in the band, so you might give that a try. They are about $36, but Anthro had them on sale a little while ago for like $10! They also run a little shallow in the cup but it's kind of sexy.


@Countess Maritza - Try searching figleaves.com - I can't as my office is full of people right now and I probably shouldn't be looking at ladies in their underwear, but figleaves has an awesome size selection. They have an Outlet tab at the top, too, which brings you to their sales with even better prices. Brastop.com has really good prices in small bands/large cups, but they're sort of an outlet so it's a little hit and miss unless you already know you like the specific style you buying. And if you're not skeeved out by it, I've gotten bras, NWT, on eBay.

By the way, I'm wondering if you'd do better in a 28D? I'm not even rail thin and I wear a 28 band.

Marquise de Morville

@Countess Maritza I'd try amazon and ebay, they offer a larger range of sizes, although 30C/D is quite hard to find. H&M makes 32 bands that fit tighter than the usual ones, so if you are lucky that might fit. Also, if you are going down a band size, the cup usually goes up, so you could also be looking at 30D. Have you measured your underbust/bust?


@Countess Maritza 30C is a pain to find. I second the figleaves sale rec and will add barenecessities (also the sale section). If you're open to a wide variety of colors/styles, those are solid options. If you really want neutrals (nude, black), it's hard to find good deals at those two sites.

baked bean

GUYS. My friends and I went to the cheap Mexican place and had $1 margaritas and caught a glimpse of Beyonce on tv but there was Mexican music in the background too.
We didn't really watch the game at all. No one else was there. Went home and had SIMSBOWL SUNDAY I. Best screencap wins.

My friend made a couple kill each other, someone else recreated The Onion's tv series, Sex House.

I put 7 people in a 2 br house. One of these characters was Keith Richards and another was Helga Pataki in a hotdog costume. Everyone either drowned or starved to death except Keith Richards and his adopted baby. Because Keith Richards never dies no matter what he does. They have since moved on with their lives- he has bought a new home and is working day and night on his guitar skillz, and I downloaded an open-buttoned shirt, headband, and earring for him so he looks more legit now.

Def the best Superbowl Sunday ever. No idea who won the football game. Still haven't heard this far into the day.


@baked bean One dollar margaritas and marathon Sims-playing? I like the cut of your jib.

baked bean

@TheLetterL Our record of number of people in a room playing Sims is 7. Last night it was just 3.


@baked bean I'm so bad at Sims I made one of them suicidally depressed :(


Do puppies who play in the Puppy Bowl increase their value by doing so? There's probably some huge contracts coming to some of those puppies.


Our record of number of people in a room playing Sims is 7.

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