Friday, February 1, 2013


Successful and Unsuccessful Gifts for Anglophiles

Wildly Successful: A solar-powered model of the Queen who makes tiny lightbulb-unscrewing waves. Her handbag is what harnesses the solar power. You can also get the limited edition Diamond Jubilee model, if you want to make a spectacle of yourself. Get both! Make tiny weapons, pretend Past Queen is here to kill Present Queen! Don't forget the optional solar-corgi.

Less Successful: Marmite Gold

Thanks, nieces!

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood



@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood "I got you curry and arbitrary borders in the middle east. I know you already have both, but you seemed to like them so much. Happy birthday!"


@gobblegirl I am literally crying with (mostly silent) laughter. At work. This is a problem.


I certainly agree.@y


The solar corgi... does not look well.


@Emby Yeah its hard to make a dog look normal when the tail is docked so you can't really have them wag their nub.

Apparently this one really likes heavy metal.


@Emby Somebody's about to barf on the royal carpets!

I much prefer the serenely happy tail wagging solar powered cat I picked up in Japan (example here).

fondue with cheddar

@Biketastrophy She fell in love with a heavy metal corgi.


Not loving marmite?! I am shocked. You need to spread it thinly on hot buttered toast. Although I've never tried the gold one myself.


@Moshii@twitter The first time I tried it I hated it. But then I mixed a little into some butter prior to spreading it on toast and now I'm a bit of a Marmiphile.


@Moshii@twitter I'm a Brit living abroad and I have an emergency pot of marmite. I normally can't stand it, but every so often a craving kicks in and I just have to have it.


I've never tried Marmite, is it as disgusting as Vegemite?

*hands in Aussie passport*


@iceberg Once, I fed Vegemite sandwiches to my coworkers and boss (at my old job). My boss took one bite, covered his eyes with his hand, and said "Y'all eat this?!"

fondue with cheddar

Marmite sounds gross. It even has a gross name. Welsh rarebit forever.


We used to sell armies of the Solar Queens at my Place of Work. I was always tempted to create terrifying model-scale cloning-disaster-apocalypse merchandising schemes.


Good time to mention that someone made the Queen out of rubbish?

However she does not wave so the statue is clearly better.


My grandma would have loved this. Her favorite present from me as a kid was one of those dancing flowers that played music (and it looks like they make THEM solar-powered now, too!)


Real Talk: I covet that solar powered corgi every time I see it in SkyMall or that terrible Signals catalog.


Also successful: Diamond jubilee teapot, sugar bowl, and saucer. Coffee mug that says "Keep Calm it's Only a Diamond Jubilee" As if any anglophile worth her salt can keep calm in the face of a diamond jubilee.


The only thing that really bothers me about the Queen is that she doesn't have a hat. There is no way in hell she would be seen in public, sans hat. Please. My mom has two of these, by the way. Plus a corgi. The corgi looks better in person, kinda.


My friend's parents have that statue! I saw it on their windowsill when we stayed there over MLK weekend. There are apparently other solar powered statues of royalty, along with the corgis.

Crackity Jones

I am totes excited to see this on the 'pin! We have the solar-powered queen in my workplace! We are all ardent republicans (in the not-being-monarchists sense, not the US political sense, y'all) but for some reason she's given prime windowsill room. We've even made her a Union Flag parachute a la the Olympic opening ceremony. I promise we all have lots of work to do, despite how it sounds...

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