Thursday, February 7, 2013


Snoop Lion Featuring Anglea Hunte, "Here Comes the King"

Snoop's Reincarnated is due out in April, and here's more information about the very replayable song.

(Thank you, Thyra.)

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His IAmA was kind of amazing.


Look, Reggae does need to come back, a damn sight more than any more stupid american rap, but this is a joke compared to the best reggae. I mean it's just ridiculous. SNoop Dogg is the King of reggae. Seriously? THis is so bad. jesus has just declined to an embarassing low. Please, look up some real reggae from 67-85.@n


I just love the order of this post! It seems like its pretty tough to look at but the truth is its pretty simple. - Bernadine Fried

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