Monday, February 11, 2013


Saxy Valentine's Jams from Moneyworth

Moneyworth (a.k.a Meaghan Garvey, a.k.a the beautiful monster behind this Etsy shop) just posted this mix of smooth jazz R&B covers, and it is, uhhh... really something else. An "Ignition (Remix)" remix starts us off, followed by some Usher, Brandy, etc. — only their voices are replaced by horns. (Don't tell Rihanna, but "Take a Bow" is even more heartbreaking as grocery store music.) Here's last year's non-smooth jazz edition in case you're not into hot sax.

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Judith Slutler

Oh my fucking god. OH MY GOD. Why don't I have a bar job right now and customers that I can torture with this at closing time??? HOLY SHIT AHAHAHAHAHAHA


@Emmanuelle Cunt Torture?? If you played this, you would never get rid of me.

Judith Slutler

@Clare To be fair my "closing time torture music" tactics have occasionally backfired on me. See also, the time my friend and I put on The Backstreet Boys and the place turned into a damn dance party. Um, it was kind of a sausagefest in there, we weren't expecting so much enthusiasm.

However if customers are buying me shots, I will definitely sing along with "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" with them. Win/win!


@Emmanuelle Cunt If you put this on at closing time, I am taking off my shoes and ordering a round of shots for the entire bar.


Bounce bounce bounce@a


Related to Moneyworth's Etsy shop: really mad I didn't think to order an embroidered Kanye tweet with "Kim doesn't understand what a blessing I am to her" in time for Valentine's Day.

fruiting body

@wallsdonotfall I just bought the Kanye tweets sticker pack and then texted Mr. Fruiting Body to tell him his Valentine's Day present would be late but very, very worth it.

sarah girl

I kind of love this?


@Sarah H. Oh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. I WAY more than "kind of" love this.


This mix is how I will finally get my mother to appreciate R. Kelly.

does it need saying

sounds like it's trying to be this good - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krdv5cj4j50

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