Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Save Up, Move Out

For a reminder of what to keep in mind the next time you want to move out of a home you're sharing with someone, Rent.com has a quick and blazingly pink infographic, excerpted (and sepia-ed) above.

What else does Rent.com's infographic magic eight ball (RIMEB) know? It seems practical, and wise. RIMEB, who is the fairest of them all? RIMEB, what do you do when something feels right but most people you respect would probably advise you against it? Or would they? RIMEB?

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fondue with cheddar

In my last relationship I looked for a new place before breaking up with him. I felt kind of dishonest about it but it was less awkward. We only lived together for a couple weeks after breaking up.

Also, too many clashing pinks. Dusty pink + magenta? Ew. The sepia is much better.


is my favorite@a


I've lived with two exes and don't regret it. It wouldn't have worked out eventually anyway. I did feel like living together was fast-forward-relationship compared to having separate apartments. Hypothetically, if I were to get serious with someone I'd probably hold-off moving in together for a while, like AT LEAST a year. Frugality aside, it's just more fun having two beds to decide between, plus, personal space and alone time.

Also, the 4 months spent living together / sharing a bed while broken up was not an enjoyable time in my life.


It seems super common for people to live together (for an extended amount of time)post-breakup. 61% is a lot. I have a bunch of friends (a bunch is the less scientific term for 61%)who lived with their exes, the longest amount of time was a year. Woah!


@whizz_dumb I have also lived with two exes, but we only moved in together after we broke up! My second "dude I used to date" turned roommate just moved in a few weeks ago. Niether of them were serious or long relationships, so it wasn't/hasn't been too weird. I think it would be nice to go about it in the normal order one day though.

Relatedly: living with someone is a great way to confirm that you never, ever want to date them and that breaking up was the right choice.


I bet the RIMEB was the omnipotent force that suggested that people would seek post-breakup solace in carbs and friends. Spooooky.

21% weren't even on the lease?! What? How? Why [would you think that's a good idea]?


I fully approve of the editors toning down images and graphics as needed to suit my delicate sensibilities/eyeballs.


Only 16% gained solace through cocktails? That seems way too low.

Elizabeth Asaurus-rex@facebook

@whizz_dumb I concur, as that was essentially my choice coping mechanism.

isabelle bleu

I work at an agency that assists renters when they run into tenancy problems, and I have to say, I find this sort of info for renters to be awfully condescending and inconsequential pap. While I'm sure it's nice that a fraction of renters found ice cream to be a help in their time of need, I'd much prefer a colourful (questionably) well-designed infographic that advises around topics such as: How did you get your deposit back? Is the tenancy legal if I'm only allowed to pay in cash and there's no receipts? Can a landlord refuse your Section 8 funding? Are there legal provisions for breaking the lease when your ex-partner starts stalking you and your kids again? or How can my landlord evict me for having a cat when I've lived here for three and a half years without it being an issue?

ETA: I also think that finding solace in cocktails is cute for your average non-alcoholic middle-class renter. Less cute when you're being evicted because your alcoholic family member overstayed their welcome during a visit for a funeral or a medical appointment, say, and damaged the rental unit. REAL TALK


@isabelle bleu Can you be more specific?


@isabelle bleu Any advice on how to deal with my landlord who won't shovel snow or mow the lawn? Or rather, he says he hired someone else to do it but it still doesn't get done? I offered to do it myself as long as he took some money off my rent but he keeps putting me off. I'm pretty sure if I call the city about the shoveling, he'll know it was me, and it will be unpleasant. And short of falling on the icy stairs, breaking my arm, and suing the crap out of him, I don't know what else to do.

isabelle bleu

@chevyvan Hard to say exactly without knowing what city or state you are in, as the laws are absurdly different across jurisdictions. In general, I'd point you toward a) your tenancy agreement or lease agreement, which should outline clearly services that are to be provided; b) city by-laws, which should state either clearly or not at all as to whether the owner or occupant is responsible for snow-clearing and general standards of maintenance; and c) your state tenancy laws. On point c), most larger cities and certainly most states should have a non-profit that provides good advice around tenant's rights.
Once you've done your research, and should that research confirm that the landlord is indeed responsible, I usually suggest that the first thing to do is write one of those polite-reminder letters advising that 1) there's a maintenance issue that has gone unaddressed 2) the dates of this/these issues were noted 3) a reminder that the city bylaw and/or your tenancy agreement requires that this service/work be provided by landlord and 4) thanking them in advance for attending to this outstanding issue. Keep a copy of this and all other correspondence for your records, and as future evidence in the hopefully unlikely scenario that you have to call the city or another enforcement authority.
The key here is to be sure of the landlord's responsibility to do so, and to document that you have been proactive in trying to resolve the issue cordially and cooperatively, which will make you look like the reasonable party to any outside intervenors. So long as the lease agreement or local laws are clear in who's responsible for snow removel, your landlord oughtn't really give you guff; you are correct to point out that, in the end, any sustained injuries could only result in more headaches and increased insurance premiums than simply removing the snow and ice would ever cause.

isabelle bleu

@whizz_dumb These are just some of the vaaast array of questions we get on an exceedingly regular basis. I could go on......


@isabelle bleu Even with the differences in tenancy law, it might be nice to have an "Ask the Rental Expert" column, or "Ask a [City] Rental Expert."


@chevyvan Start doing it yourself, and then just cut your rent checks for minus however much you think that service should cost!

No, don't listen to me, I give terrible advice. But that would be satisfying, wouldn't it?

isabelle bleu

@Alli525 Always wish that tenancy advice was more commonly available!! I think that writing such a column would be my DREAM JOB.


You guyssss this is my life. :(

I've been meaning to write about it on a FOT one week or another, but I always get there too late and there are a million comments and it's intimidating. Also, I don't comment a lot, so that's intimidating.

My ex broke up with me two weeks before Christmas with almost no explanation, and we've been living together ever since. It's been HARD. We're fortunate to have an extra bedroom, so at least we don't have to sleep in the same room (strike that, he's lucky he hasn't had to sleep on the couch for the last three months), but I've had so many moments of just freaking the fuck out on the inside when I see him walking around our apartment like everything's normal.

The best news, though, is that he will be moving out next week and one of my best friends will be moving in to take his place.


I have no useful advice for you, but I have much and more sympathy.
*internet hugs*


Aw, thank you! Internet hugs are my favorite part about The Hairpin!

I've managed to move past the helpless weeping stage and into the righteous anger/indignation stage, which I'm hoping will be resolved when I never have to see his face again. So soon!


@ismymiddlename Ohmygods. Just ohmygods. That sounds wretched, and I am SO glad that it's almost over. Internet stranger hugs from me too. Shoo. You are awesome.


Get renter's insurance, regardless of any of the other stuff mentioned here. It's absurdly cheap, and if something happens, you'll wish you had it.


@pinecone *puts reminder in phone to do this*
I've been meaning to! Will do this weekend. :-)


@pinecone Any tips for where to start looking?


@sandwiches Basically any insurance site will also have a renter's policy. I have my car insurance through USAA and they also offer renter's. I know these for sure have decent policies: Progressive, Liberty, AllState, Geico, USAA

and here's an article in the NYT that includes a calculator: http://travel.nytimes.com/2012/01/29/realestate/getting-started-a-word-to-the-wise-renter-insurance.html

anecdata: I have $40k in coverage and I pay less than $8 a month (and I think that's on the high side.)


@sandwiches if you have car insurance through a company, usually adding on renters is cheaper than going to a different company. also, you can apply to be a member of usaa first and then get much less expensive renters insurance than what they quote if you are not already a member.
i paid mine lump sum for the year at about $110.


@all This is super helpful, thank you both!


You have many questions to ask RIMEB, and you are wise to do so.

Q: Who is the fairest of them all?
A: The brunette at Starbucks is the fairest. RIMEB also sells apples if you need one.

Q: RIMEB, what do you do when something feels right but most people you respect would probably advise you against it?
A: RIMEB senses you have already stolen the money and covered your tracks, so the point is moot. It may be a good time to relocate.

@TheLetterL, You are correct. Would like a slice of cheesecake?


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