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Not-Fearing Virginia Woolf: A Compilation

1. Speakeasy, "Amy Morton is Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf" (2/6/13)

2. The New York Review of Books, "Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf" (3/13/03)

3. The Daily Mail, "Don't Be Afraid of Virginia Woolf" (9/23/11)

4. Danielle Green, "Don't be afraid of Virginia Woolf" (10/27/09)

5. Rebekah Kopec-Farrell, "Don't be afraid of Virginia Woolf!" (5/23/09)

6. George Grella, "Don't be afraid of Virginia Woolf" (1/15/03)

7. TheaterMania, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? They're Not!" (10/15/12)

8. Times Union, "Don't Be Afraid of this 'Woolf'" (11/2/12)

9. Dan Callahan, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Not Liz Taylor" (5/17/11)

10. The Pioneer Press, "Don't be afraid of Virginia Woolf – but be prepared to be shaken" (4/288/10)

11. Lucia Anderson, "Don't be afraid of 'Virginia Woolf'" (1/18/07)

12. Oakland Tribune, "Don't be afraid of 'Virginia Woolf'" (10/14/03)

13. The Daily Telegraph, "She's not afraid of Virginia Woolf" (1/6/07)

14. The Daily Telegraph, "He's not afraid of Virginia Woolf" (8/17/96)

15. Chicago Sun-Times, "She's not afraid of Virginia Woolf" (5/1/98)

16. Los Angeles Times, "They're Not Afraid of 'Virginia Woolf'" (8/18/02)

17. The New York Times, "They're Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf" (9/11/09)

18. Cindy Landrum, "They're not afraid of Virginia Woolf" (1/13/11)

19. Playbill, "We Show We're Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf" (11/21/96)

Honorable Mention:

20. A! Magazine for the Arts, "Who's Afraid of Virginia's Wolves?" (5/22/09)

21. Dan Gill, "Who's Afraid of Virginia's Wolves?" (4/10)

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Okay you guys but the current Steppenwolf rendition (on Broadway, with Tracy Letts and Amy Morton) is so fucking overwhelmingly good that I really wish I could buy you all tickets and drag you off to see it.

Was going to try and make a Steppenwolf joke but failed miserably. Punny folks, help me out!


At least some of the Virginia Woolf ones are kind of funny. I've seen too many cringe-worthy "____ in the time of cholera" headlines and titles over the past few years.

FYI, people of the world: This reference does not make you look learned and/or literary. It makes you look like you aren't 100 percent sure what cholera is, but hey, you've been telling people Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of your favorite writers since freshman-year lit, so, no problem?


@synchronized - "Love in the time of colorforms" - two kindergarten teachers are in love, but can only chastely and subtlely flirt, fearing the children will discover their love and tease them for it.

"Lunch In the Time of Kholrabi" - raw-diet cookbook, told within a frame story of a graphic designer going to the greenpoint csa each week and asking endlessly for a cute crunchy lady to tell him new recipes just so he can hear her adorable voice

"Lurch in the Shine of Calaphon" - episode of the addams family where the butler falls in love with a beautiful dishwasher.

"Love in the Clime of Caesura" - a pair of half lines of Piers Ploughman develop a hopeless devotion to one another, but can never bridge the audible gap between them.


@leon s I think I love you. (Happy Valentine's Day?!)


@synchronized this is the right place to link to the snowclone database, yes?


@Lorelei@twitter There goes my afternoon...


@Lorelei@twitter Yes; yes it is.


This is off topic but I do not understand why Americans put the month first when writing dates.




@Plexia Because that's how you say it! Fast and punchy! "February 14th!" Saying "the 14th of February" takes too long (and that's how those dates read in my head).


Wow. That's a very amazing@y

Pound of Salt

Props to Playbill for switching things up.


Im warning to the idea of Virginia as an imaginary dire wolf name. There's a threat from cannon!
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
You are ...


It is surprisingly disconcerting to find a link to a story from the local arts newspaper on the Hairpin. I didn't even know that newspaper HAD a website. But now I'm sad I missed out on seeing fiberglass art wolves roaming through Abingdon in 2009.


Piggybacking crankiness here: How about when people re-use just PART of the line from Hamlet, "The play's the thing/Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king." And they try to be all, "Yes! As Shakespeare said, The PLAY's the thing!" I.e., the play is the important thing in itself. NO, dude. That's not what it means. See above for original context. The play's the thing... that serves as a device for some further action. !!@#(E*E

*sip of ice water*


@Lu2 Ugggh yes; and, while we're on the subject of Shakespeare-induced rants, how's about when people (including Judy Garland in the song "If I Only Had a Brain") somehow seem to believe that "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" = "Where are you, Romeo?" (and also adapt it into terrible headlines/titles/etc.). You can hear the misinformed comma in their voice


@dee THANK you! I knoooooow. And your last sentence is what I think EVERY time (in different words). It's not like, y'know, that whole speech isn't about "why does your name have to be ROMEO" or anything. Clues are in the context, people.


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