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[More] Things to Do With 5,000 Boxes of Thin Mints and Trefoils

In light of the Mediterranean diet revelation, Food52 rounds up 11 pretty pictures of food and their corresponding recipes.

Or you could take the opposite approach and steal $19,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies.


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What do preserved lemons taste like? I've always wanted to try them b/c they seem like something I'd like. . . but it also looks like a lot of effort? Does anyone have an opinion on this?


@aphrabean Preserved lemons are delicious. I've never made them, but there's a restaurant near me that makes a preserved lemon, artichoke and arugula salad with parmesan dressing, and it's the best thing ever. Definitely try them if you get the chance.


@DianaPrince Ok, I will! Thank you!


@DianaPrince Where do you live so I can go to this restaurant and get that salad? You just named some of my favorite foods, and now I waaaaant it.


@olivebee It's at restaurant called Dumont in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So good. The artichokes are fried super crispy.


@DianaPrince Bummer that that is not my city! But next time I'm in NY, I will make a point to go to Dumont.

ETA: Just looked at their menu, and so many of those salads/soups are mouthwatering.


@aphrabean They're very nice! You sometimes have to soak them, though, to make them taste less salty - the brine can be a bit overpowering.


@aphrabean Totally not that much effort! I have some in the fridge right now--we've been aging them for a couple weeks, you just need a jar, some spices and a lot of patience (because you can't eat them for a month): http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/jamie-oliver/salted-preserved-lemons-recipe/index.html


@DianaPrince Have you ever had the sandwich from 'Wichcraft that's tuna, fennel, capers and preserved lemon? I usually hate tuna but this sandwich is delish! I think this is similar to the recipe: http://taystonebistro.com/sandwich/tuna-salad-with-capers-olives-fennel-and-preserved-lemon-sandwiches/


@parallel-lines Ok, that sandwich sells it - I'm 100% in, and I'm going to try the sandwich with my chickpea "tuna" recipe that's already one of my favorite foods in this world. So exciting!


@parallel-lines Sounds delicious! Maybe I'll try making them myself sometime.


@aphrabean They are actually super easy! Very little effort involved. I've never tasted them alone, but I use them as an ingredient in a lot of things where you'd add lemon juice but you want a stronger flavor or don't want more liquid: in braised chicken dishes, hummus, asparagus, fish dishes, that sort of thing. I rinse before using.


Who would steal from Girl Scouts? =/


@frigwiggin Police are questioning this guy:


@iceberg Cookie Monster may be a Monster, but he's not a MONSTER.


really touched me.@a


I appreciate recipes that use sardines, cause I like sardines and I get tired of being like well crackers I guess, AGAIN. Or baking them with eggs, which is delicious but messy.


@bocadelperro No but I will now, bless you! That looks great, and so few ingredients for the large lazy part of me!


@Ialdagorth Enjoy! I like that combo on Toasted Whole Grain bread. I pretty much ate them constantly when I was living alone. Sadly, Mr. Delperro can't stand the smell of canned sardines, so I can only eat them when he's not around. Shame, because they're healthy and cheap.


the Italian cold cut sub I am having for lunch totally counts as part of the Mediterranean Diet, right?

Judith Slutler

@Blushingflwr Dip it in olive oil!


Ah I love Mediterranean food so much. That farro salad sounds/looks really delicious, mainly because last night's Top Chef finale made me crave pomegranate seeds.


@olivebee Don't let your husband catch you eating them!

fondue with cheddar

I know what you can do with them. GIVE THEM TO ME.

You can keep your Trefoils, though. They're a pale imitation of shortbread.


I feel like this is a good place to ask for suggestions for recipe books for Mediterranean cuisine. I'm sure there are plenty of fad books about it, or will be, but do pinners know of any really good ones?


@ohmy I'd suggest purchasing a cookbook that focuses on the traditional food of one particular Mediterranean culture, such as a Lebanese, Greek, or Italian food cookbook.

Judith Slutler

@ohmy For Italian, I've heard great things about The Silver Spoon. It's supposed to be like an Italian Joy of Cooking!


@ohmy My husband and I got this one as a wedding present (since we're vegetarians), but it's mostly Mediterranean, all veggies & grains recipes: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-books/20537890.jsp. In case the link doesn't work, it's called Plenty.


@ohmy I don't know how good the cookbook is, but Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbook Jerusalem is all the rage in some circles. If you like cooking shows, I recommend youtubing "Mediterranean Feast", which is that guy's TV show. In it, he travels around Turkey, Israel, Morocco, and so on, exploring the various mouth-watering dishes each country is renowned for. They're really pretty episodes although Ottolenghi's voice sounds a lot like Brüno's.


@rimy Also The Essentials of Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan is supposed to be good.


@ohmy a huge YES to both "Plenty" and "Jerusalem" (which are both by Yotam Ottolenghi). I own both cookbooks and everything in them is delicious... Plenty is meat-free, too, if you're a vegetarian. One caveat is that they're not exactly "simple" recipes--some have upwards of 15 to 20 ingredients--but a lot of that is herbs and spices, so once you build up a Mediterranean cabinet you should be alright. Also, approximately half of his recipes call for like a cup and a half of chopped fresh cilantro/parsley to throw on the top "just because."


@olivebee OOOO, this looks fun! I'm vegetarian, too, but I still buy cookbooks with meat recipes. I just like reading about the techniques.

It seems that this Yotam Ottolenghi guy is the place to start, since he's written two books suggested here. To the library!


@ohmy My mom has one called Oranges and Lemons: Recipes from the Mediterranean by Sarah Woodward which has some great recipes and beautiful photos--maybe try to check out a few at the library and see what gets you inspired!


@rimy YES YES YES Marcella Hazan is my god and that is basically the best cookbook in the world. But she's from Emilia-Romagna and the style isn't Mediterranean, exactly, although there are plenty of olive oil-based recipes.

Other recommendations: Ottolenghi's books Plenty and Jerusalem are both very good, although yes, complex. But you should really look for books by Paula Wolfert and Claudia Roden. They both came out with seminal Mediterranean/North African/Middle Eastern cookbooks in the 1970s and are still releasing great stuff today.


@ohmy If you want to try some Ottolenghi stuff before you can get to the bookshop/library, he's been doing them in the Guardian for a while now. I've done a few of them, and had some of them made for me, and I can't remember them ever not being delicious.


@Emmanuelle Cunt I have to say, I hated The Silver Spoon. It was such a boring cookbook, and the instructions weren't good at all. I LOVE Arabesque (a Claudia Roden book), and have heard amazing things about the two Ottolenghi books. Everything I've made from Arabesque is amazing, I should pull it out again soon.


Hi I'm commenting for the first time to point out that the thumbnail here is REALLY sexy and Caravaggesque. Makes me think food blogs should stop caring about nutrition, flavor complexity, local ingredients, technique yada yada yada, and go all in for chiaroscuro because I wanna eat all of that.

Anyone else? k cya


@nic'kalmus@twitter No, I clicked b/c I thought it was a painting, and am now going to make some preserved lemons pronto.


@nic'kalmus@twitter Yes, it reminded me of Zurbarán!


When I saw the picture of the lentil salad I laughed because I was reminded of walking to a show in West Oakland at this former-church punk-house and my buddy says, "I'm not trying to stay too late, this could be one of those shows where they're cooking fucking lentils in the kitchen." Me: "I have actually been to a show where they were cooking lentils in the kitchen." Him: "I know that's why I said it, it happens, what the fuck is a lentil anyway?" and so on.


I made the poached fish last night! It was delicious :)

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