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Birch Stripping for the Uninitiated

“What is a toxin? It may surprise you to learn how many toxins we come in contact with during the course of an ordinary day: Sitting, computers, materialism, smelling, desserts (Japanese), metal, not saying yes to yourself, hesitation, textiles, cooking, recession, texting, chewing, desserts (Western), low self-esteem, tight hamstrings, suffering, parents, yoga (non-Bikram), yoga (all other kinds), shoes, vaccines, doctors, books, driving, cooking, shameful sex dreams, exciting sex dreams, and folding.”
—Mallory Ortberg takes us beyond the Blueprint Cleanse. If you’re not into cleanses, please enjoy Wikipedia’s list of sandwiches. They are all a source of toxins. If that phrase terrifies you, you may have chemophobia.


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