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Love You, Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn had a nasty, nasty crash yesterday, and it will be a long road back to international competition, and she's young, and she's had a nasty, messy divorce, and a crummy relationship with her dad, and people snark about her "fat" body (she has a body in motion that drives and turns and powers and amazes, but she weighs more than 135 lbs), while simultaneously snarking that she sexualizes her image, even though, man, you do what you gotta do to get sponsors, this is the world we live in, these are the pictures Outside wants to run (don't miss the profile), and she's superbly talented and rocks out all over the place, and on my best, best day skiing, what I literally say when I stagger home is "I feel like I was one-fiftieth of a Lindsey out there today."

And, whatever, right, she's gorgeous and rich and talented and famous, she's not someone you need to feel SORRY for, but I think she is a truly bad-ass woman and an amazing athlete, and I admire her and her work ethic and ability to rock men's skis.

So, girl, I'm rooting for you. Haters gonna hate, knee ligaments gonna knit. You'll be back. You've done it before.

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Over 135lb? How dare she? She and Moochelle Obummer probably eat cheeseburgers together.


I am not in any way a sports person but you just made me care about this woman and hope she gets back on her skis.




HELL TO THE YEAH. Lindsay Vonn is awesome, haters to the left.

fondue with cheddar

Seriously...fat? What the hell is wrong with people?

They're just jealous because she is awesome and they're not.


@fondue with cheddar Between this and the Michelle Obama insanity...we as a country have lost our damn minds. I mean, she's an Olympic athlete. What have any of these shitbags calling her fat ever done?


@fondue with cheddar
yeah i think people are kinda jealous.

This is my new username

@fondue with cheddar Yeah I just did a google image search and I do not understand how people could call her fat. It does not compute at all. She is super buff and also slim. I do not understand at all where those comments could be coming from.


@This is my new username I feel the same way when I saw that people were calling Jennifer Lawerence fat.


Tina Maze of Slovenia, who won the super-G race, reacting to Vonn's fall.

fondue with cheddar

@itiresias I have a picture of myself making the exact same face at age 9, taken Christmas morning while holding up a box of Barbie Colorforms.


@itiresias In related news, during the Olympics people were also calling her fat (based on her height and weight stats). They apparently were not looking at her, because, um, gorgeous.


Ugh, recovering from orthopedic surgery is so awful. Especially if you're used to being super active and you're stuck lying around and you get to frustrated. Then you can't work out which is what you normally do to get rid of feeling frustrated. Blah, vicious cycle. I hope she has kick ass PTs.


Although I agree she is a tremendous athlete, I found her a bit full of herself to the point of annoyance during the Vancouver games. She was constantly praising herself in interviews (seriously! Every single one was "I've spent so much time in the gym," as if that were something people would find impressive/surprising about a world-class athlete). If I'm remembering correctly, after she finished the Super G in Vancouver in great time, the TV microphone caught her hugging her friend Maria Riesch and saying "I want you on the podium with me," presuming she had won the gold even though there were several skiers left. She ended up with bronze. It just put a sour taste in my mouth, and I've been on team Mancuso ever since.

fondue with cheddar

@Argyle Maybe she talks about spending time at the gym as a reaction to all the people calling her fat?

I don't know a thing about her, so maybe she is full of herself. It was just a thought.


@fondue with cheddar You could totally be right about that.


@Argyle #bitchesgetstuffdone


@Argyle Many very, very talented athletes are extremely boring self-centred people because their entire lives are dedicated to working on their own body and their own achievement. It's a side-effect just like runner's nipples.


@Argyle I don't know, to me "I want you on the podium with me" sounds more like "I hope we both get medals!" than "I have the gold so maybe you'll get silver or bronze."


@Vicky Yeah, she's super close with Maria Riesch, why wouldn't she want her good friend to medal? And she obviously did well enough that she did medal (bronze still counts), what's wrong with being excited about that?


@Argyle Of course she's full of herself, she's a world class athlete! People at the top of their field are all full of themselves, that's how they manage to throw themselves off icy cliffs everyday. Go on and be full of yourselves, ladies. Humility is overrated.


@Argyle In her profile in Outside magazine, they talk about how she isn't as much of a "natural" skier as the other top pros, and so she has to work so much harder to be that good. Maybe that's why she's always talking about how much she works out?


@gobblegirl I briefly dated an Ironman triathlete, and while he was a smart guy with an interesting job, once he got together with his tri friends, they would literally stand around at a party away from other people and talk for hours about a bike ride. Just a single bike ride! UGH.


@Vicky after some clever googling, I stand corrected. What she actually said was something closer to, "I hope you stay, I want you on the podium with me." Maria was currently in third, with Lindsey on top. Lindsey had suggested to her good friend that her position wouldn't change, but that it was possible the skiers left to compete would knock Maria off the podium. Really classy. Also, turns out Vonn doesn't really value their friendship: http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/olympics/story/2011-10-19/lindsey-vonn-season/50826726/1


@flanhoodles totally possible. I think it's awesome she works out so much, but none of the other athletes really felt it as necessary to talk about as much as she did.


@thebestjasmine I'm gonna go with humility is underrated, and arrogance not necessary for throwing oneself off an icy cliff. But that's just me.


@Argyle Yeah, it is just you. As it is just you who thinks there something somehow not classy about wanting to medal along with her friend and fellow American. Humility is great for nuns and monks, but when you're a world class athlete who's entire mission is to be better than everyone in the world, and oh yeah, you have to get sponsors for everything you do so you have to be famous and make news about it, and right, you're also a woman so generally no one cares about you, part of your job description is to be full of yourself. I'm sure there are lots of lovely humble skiers who are sweet as can be and no one has ever heard of, because they don't get NBC profiles and Sports Illustrated shoots. Women spend way too much time being humble, and then wondering why they don't paid any attention for the work they do. Women, be arrogant, toot your own horn, you get results that way!


@Argyle I get why you dislike her for her attitude, but the thing is... she's right! I read stuff like that and I just think, "well, I mean, you ARE the best." conflict!


I fell skiing last Monday and sprained my knee and ankle, and I have been acting like a baby ever since. I can't even imagine this, it fills me with terror.

Nicole Cliffe

@OhMarie I broke my tib-fib at a women's ski clinic a few years ago (we live in the mountains), and I have never skied with the same abandon since. I always feel incredibly mortal.

Nicole Cliffe

@OhMarie I will never forget the sound. It didn't even hurt that much. A guy skied over and was all "are you okay? that was epic!" and I was all "I have broken my leg, please alert ski patrol," and then I flopped my leg back so it was facing the right direction and thought: "oh, shit, did my COBRA kick in yet?"

(It did.)

Then the clinic loaded me up on ketamine and, really, I had a great day after that.


@Nicole Cliffe Ahhh, so scary! How long of a recovery was that?

My fall did result in one of the most carefully worded texts of my life, because I needed my husband to hightail it back to where I was but not completely freak out.

Nicole Cliffe

I was back the next season, but...cautious. I would say one season to heal, three seasons to get my brain back. My husband thought it was a prank when the clinic called.


@Nicole Cliffe I've never lost the fear that came after I broke two ribs and got a concussion. It really rattles you so much--I don't know if I'll ever be able to operate the way I used to!


Whyyyyy did I watch that?


As far as treating world-caliber athletes who are women like reality show contestants, I'm perfectly ambivalent about Lindsay Vonn. She does a good job, and she's (apparently) occasionally kind of full of herself... I could name about 50 male athletes off the top of my head who act in a similar way.


@Aeroplane yeah, see above where I was just ripped to spreads because I don't worship Lindsey as her arrogance bothers me. Ambivalence is a perfect way to describe my feelings towards Vonn.


She grew up not far from me and learned to ski at the hill where I broke my tailbone (there's a Replacements song about it). Plus, Julia Mancuso (ugh, eff you and your tiara) was so catty towards her at the Olympics. I've always had a soft spot for her, speedy recovery.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@parallel-lines I hate her tiara helmet. But she's, like, painfully easy to look at.


@parallel-lines Mancuso could make a tiara out of all the medals she's won. And if I remember correctly, all of Team USA had issues with Queen Lindsey in Vancouver.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

I once watched a workout video featuring Lindsey Vonn, and I was like, "Damn, she's getting after it. I'm exhausted just watching her!" And then she said, "OK, and that's how I get warmed up for my workout!" And I died.

Jen See@twitter

Awww, that was lovely. I hope she recovers quickly. Also, unleash all the wolves on people who call women athletes fat. Just stop with that shit.

I get the paper New York Times, because photos and spilling my espresso and stuff. Anyway, they ran the photo of the helicopter airlifting Vonn off the mountain on the fp today. Crazy gnarly.


Lindsey Vonn is not my favorite racer (that would actually be Tina Maze), but my dad and my old coach were both watching the livestream of the race and texted me when the crash happened. Nasty crashes are horrible things to happen to anyone, and with the changes to the equipment rules that FIS made this year, a lot of athletes were predicting that we would see more bad crashes.


"In part because of her weight, but mainly because of her height, Vonn is able to aggressively articulate her hips and send enormous pressure to her outside ski, which is called creating good angles, and she can flex men’s skis in a way that virtually no other woman can."

Her body type is a feature, not a bug.


If LINDSEY VONN tore herself up, how am I going to survive my trip to Copper Mountain? I knew there must be a reason why those hotel rooms were on sale...

Emilia Estevez

I hope she investigates what the modern pharmaceutical industry offers in terms of performance enhancement and accelerated physical recovery to aid her rehabilitation and return to sport. It's been good enough for other high-profile athletes (possibly including football's Ray Lewis and Adrian Peterson who've both completed stunningly swift and remarkable recoveries from injury) it should be good for Vonn too.


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