Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lizzy Caplan in 'Fashion Film'

Happy New York Fashion Week. How are you celebrating?

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

watched this about 6 times since this morning


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood She's so talented with her art and collages and DJing. Just so... talented.


this is actually so good@n


I like to think this is what her character from True Blood is doing in heaven.


@Megano! also her eyeliner is perfect


Janis Ian grew up.

Lisa Frank

I'm celebrating by feeling extra dumpy when I walk past Lincoln Center on my way to work.

Jane Marie

@Lisa Frank oh god. i lived in the LES and just had to commute with my eyes closed for the whole week.


@Lisa Frank Impromptu 'Pinup on Friday night to watch beautiful people in impractical shoes slip & fall over in the snow!

Lisa Frank

@MollyculeTheory Meet you at the fountain!


@Lisa Frank
Yeah, I work in SoHo. Which basically means my lunch hour is like one giant casting call. I cope by burying myself in my New Yorker and cursing the tourists, while adjusting my glasses, as per usual.


Someone recruit her to play Han Solo.

fondue with cheddar

Maybe it's just this particular still because I don't know Lizzy Caplan, but she kinda looks like Jane Marie with Zooey Deschanel's eyes.


@fondue with cheddar
Hie thee to thy video store or similar emporium and watch Party Down.

fondue with cheddar

@purefog OMG I didn't even recognize her! I looooove Party Down. And I do a little happy dance every time I see one of her Freaks and Geeks episodes.


@fondue with cheddar She's Janis Ian from Mean Girls!

fondue with cheddar

@large__marge I never saw Mean Girls! But now you're going to tell me I have to, right?

I love your username, btw. Speaking of which, I just saw this this week and it made me wish I were a dude with a red bike.


@fondue with cheddar She was actually on New Girl playing a character meant to be the opposite of Deschanel's character. It was pretty great.

fondue with cheddar

@aliceandstuff That's awesome. I actually wasn't going to watch this video because fashion (not that there's anything wrong with it, but I'm poor and non-girly with a difficult figure so at best I'm not interested and at worst it makes me sad), but now that I know who it is I will watch it as soon as I get done work. Hooray for funny and talented ladies!


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