Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Little Boots, "Motorway"

It's not quite a music video, but it is the first track off Little Boots' — a.k.a. British electropop musician Victoria Christina Hesketh's — upcoming album Nocturnes, out May 5 (but pre-orderable on iTunes now). You can also pick the song up as a free MP3 on her site in exchange for your email address, which I have done and do not regret.

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There's also a new Bowie thing out today. It's got charming and beautiful gender ambiguity!


@laurel ooh I saw the new bowie this morning and then a new yeah yeah yeahs song popped up. It's a great day for good music!


Little boots = Caligula.


She's the perfection! I really love her with all my heart ❤
She has the brightest future ever!@n

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