Friday, February 8, 2013


James Blake, "Retrograde"

The talented, towering, and impossibly young British musician James Blake (6'5", 24) debuted the first track from his second album, Overgrown (due out April 8), on BBC Radio 1 yesterday. It gets started a little past the one-minute mark. Lovely.

See also: his Joni Mitchell cover, "A Case of You."

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Leslie Green@facebook

He'll be in Philly in March, and I'm thinking about going to the show. Has anyone ever seen him live?


@Leslie Green@facebook YES YES YES so heart-stoppingly good.


@Leslie Green@facebook Saw him last year, it was INCREDIBLE. The place literally shook and the sound was massive and yet it was one of the most intimate shows I've ever been to.


amazing. can't wait for the new album.@a


I dated a guy that was 6'4" once. So many neck cricks! (I'm like 5'6")


@iceberg My dating life is (was) one long series of neck cricks.


@iceberg At 5' 7", I've decided that 6' 4" is just a smidge too tall. Unless I wear 3"-4" heels, I just feel awkward. And I loooooove tall guys. But I might make an exception for this dude. I mean, phwoar.


Just last weekend I was combing through some old emails and found a late-night string of correspondence from 2010 in which I was just totally, earnestly losing my shit over James Blake--and I was embarrassed--and then this song came out yesterday and I listened to it 65 times, yeah.


@j-i-a I got totally burnt out from listening to that Fall Creek Boys Choir single so often last year, but now I've got this song on repeat, so...


I've been listening to this track non-stop since about 5 pm yesterday. Jesus H Jones, he is amazing.

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