Tuesday, February 12, 2013


"I Don't Buy It"

I don’t buy it, says

the scientist.

Replies the frail

and faithful heart,

it’s not for sale.


Poetry, January 2013

Wendy Videlock lives in Western Colorado. Her new book, 'The Dark Gnu,' an illustrated book of poems, is out now.

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Ohh, I'm happy to see her poetry again! I really liked the last one too!


@causedbycomma Yes, I loved this little demitasse of a poem.


omg so catchy@a


Also, I'd like to say in an open comment to the editors that I hope you don't take the lack of comments on the poetry posts as indicative of a lack of interest in them.

I always look forward to the poetry posts, though I often don't really have much to say about them other than "Wow, I like the way she said that".

Michaela D@twitter

First reaction: bam! Love it! Isn't that exactly how emotion works...
Second reaction: Wait. The scientist? Is this about faith? D:

I loved this, and then I hated it. Now that's poetry.

lucy snowe

I wish it weren't the same old story about the skeptic lacking heart.

I heart scientists.

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