Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Gosh I Hope She's Okay

If you've ever fantasized about running away and joining a winery, but all you can picture is a blurry combination of pretty wood, sunlight, your own hand cupping a grape cluster, the clink of glasses, and lots of hearty, attractive people laughing (and then maybe a little bit of that old viral video of the local news reporter), Serious Eats has a sweet roundup of winemakers describing how they actually got their starts (slide No. 18 brings this particular wood/sunlight vision a little more into focus). Abridged version: Being a white dude who grows up on a vineyard/in a winery seems to be more or less the way to go, but they don't say that blogging about it for a few years specifically isn't the way to go, either. Plus, did you know there's apparently an "online-wine equivalent of American Idol"? (Hm, that would actually be the Murphy-Goode "A Really Goode Job" competition from a few years ago.) But anyway, fun jobs, possibly.


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fondue with cheddar

I felt terrible laughing at the wine-stomping reporter, but the noise she made was so ridiculous. I'm so sorry, unfortunate reporter!


@fondue with cheddar I laughed too, and feel very guilty. It was partly shock!


I read Nora Roberts' "The Villa" on my grandmother's porch one summer and could not shut up about Napa Valley for years. I basically forced my parents to go on a winery tour when we went on a family trip to California (but they were lushes so they went along with it). I didn't meet any heirs to wine fortunes though, much to my disappointment.


@bananapants Hahaha I too read The Villa one summer and spent a lot of time thinking about running away to Napa.


The ending is just... <3 @n


I dream a thousand dreams of opening my own little winery but you pretty much have to be wealthy, connected, or both to get into the business it seems so I'm out of luck.

Also my boyfriend (who nostalgically loves Tool/A Perfect Circle for better or worse) made me watch Blood Into Wine with him and it was pretty good! The guy from Tool starts a winery in Arizona of all places.


HEY SLIDE 18 is where I am from! I mean, not the winery exactly, but mid Willamette Valley wooo! I've never seen it in a slide show or. . .on the internet before. I'm surprised the internet knows? Also I have never heard the area described as "The Dundee Hills" before but I like it. And they ARE sun dappled.


I went on a wine tour for my honeymoon last fall and while I absolutely adored being a tourist visiting those places, it also told me I could never be the owner of one, because when you own a vineyard you ALWAYS HAVE FRUIT FLIES. NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU ARE. Even the fanciest, most expensive, "haaha we're visiting but we can't afford to actually buy anything from you THANKS FOR THE SIP" places had fruit flies. I'm pretty sure I'd go out of my mind if I owned one.

many things do not fly

Important fact learned from the slideshow--there are wine-focused high schools in France! Probably not as exciting in reality, but it kinda makes me wish I could get a do-over and grow up in Chateauneuf-de-Pape...hmmm...


Right? "I immediately decided to enroll in a viticulture-oenology high school".

Oh, OKAY. #growingupinbeaujolais


Thirded. Ugh.

How difficult would it be to move to France to raise my future children? Is it horribly pretentious to want to do that?

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