Friday, February 15, 2013


Goats Screaming Like Humans

Worse than the human-faced dog. Substantially worse.

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give cheese some pants

This is the answer to the question "Why is the internet?"


@give cheese some pants Yes. YES. That was my first thought. As if it has all been somehow planned years in advance to culminate in this video.

Dirty Hands

To be fair, some of these are sheep.


@Dirty Hands Thank you. I keep seeing this re-posted and am like "Why is nobody else mentioning that some of those goats are sheep? Am I the only one who sees that? If I mention it does that mean I'm a jerk?"

Dirty Hands

@FromTheFuture Recently I had an acquaintance who works with livestock tell a very short story: someone had asked them, "Goats... those are male sheep, right?" ......


Worse? [Liz Lemon] OPPOSITE! [/Liz Lemon]


Can't breathe for laughing...!@y

Plant Fire

I could have sworn that said "Goats screaming like hummus"


@Sea Ermine I keep reading it as "Goats screaming AT humans"


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher goats screaming at hummus?

Cat Jail

@breccia Goats Screaming Alone With Hummus.


1:38--they mock their own kind


Maybe I've been to too many state fairs, but very few of these are creepy to me? #midwesternweirdo


@phipsi Oh no, growing up with goats ruined them for me. Goats are not cute. They are assholes.


@phipsi I saw this yesterday and sent it to my friend who is WWOOF-ing on a goat farm in california. Her response was "Haha, these are good, but I have to send you a video of Shakti baa-ing. Sounds like someone's shoving a stick up her ass every time"


is the last one real? I rewound it 3 times while screaming "WHAT???" alone in my living room


Towards the end a small goat jumps up on the man and I want to yell, "RUN!!! He's going to eat you!!"

Because they will. Goat just want to eat the whole world.



Pygmy goats!

fondue with cheddar

It's fun to just listen without watching and pretend they're all one dude just standing there yelling at random people on the street.

Related: I am always looking for an excuse to share this, because it still cracks me up every time: HEY


@fondue with cheddar OMG That was AMAZING. And I think it somehow makes Jurassic Park seem even more scary than usual.


DYING. They sound kind like how an angry drunk person might impersonate a goat. "BAAAAAAAHHHHH! BAAAAAAHHHH motherfuckers ishthat goaty enough for you? BAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!"


I've been assuming that this is fake, that most of them are actually people voices dubbed over the goats (and sheep). Is that not true? Are these all real goat (and sheep) noises?!


Perhaps not the place to share this, but my Valentine's Day gift from my husband yesterday was that he sponsored a goat in my name at New Moon Farm Goat Rescue. My goat is named Bubba, and he can't walk very well because a pack of dogs attacked and nearly took off his hind legs.

It was my husband's way of giving me the pet goat I cannot have while living in Chicago.

raised amongst catalogs

@olivebee I just cyber-stalked Bubba! He is so handsome.


@raised amongst catalogs He is! I wish I could fly all the way across the country, adopt him, and watch him happily stumble around my hypothetical yard on his poor little legs.


This was my favorite internet thing this week.


@PoBoyNation Agreed.


It's like in Henry Reed's Babysitting Service when he babysits at the house where he thinks he hears a lady screaming for help, but he was actually hearing a peacock's screams. Except this story is about goats. And sassy Midge Glass isn't in this story. I guess the point is that animals that scream like humans are creepy, and goats are always creepy no matter what noises they are making.


I wish it didn't have the rewindy noises and that it was better edited as a supercut. I've become such an insufferable internet snob.

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