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Get This Look: Sandwiches

1. The Monte Cristo

A much-loved cousin of the French croque monsieur, the Monte Cristo takes the croque monsieur's eggy grilled bread, cheese, and ham, and wisely adds more cheese, more bread, and also chicken. While its origins are unknown, it’s first recorded as being served in Los Angeles. And although there is no actual evidence to support the belief that the sandwich was named in honor of Alexander Dumas' classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo, we can all agree that looking good and eating sandwiches is, in fact, the greatest revenge of all.

Get the Look:

GTL – The Monte Cristo


GTL – The Monte Cristo, featuring brooks brothers McQ by Alexander McQueen wool cape, $665 / Carven cotton shorts / Brooks Brothers / Vintage hat / Fyasko Chicken N Waffles Ss Tee / Ham


2. The BLT

A sandwich so revered that its full name (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) is almost always substituted with this less-sanctified abbreviation. What’s in a name? In this case, everything. The BLT, while not included in the 1928 masterwork 700 Sandwiches, gained widespread popularity in post-WWII America, due in part to the ease of accessing the ingredients with the advent of the age of the supermarket.

Get the Look:

GTL – the BLT



3. The Grilled Cheese

This staple of every diet finds its roots in Ancient Rome, where citizens (literally) recorded making sandwiches from bread and cheese and heating them, with recipes for such being found in their cookbooks. The grilled cheese as we know it today began as an open-faced sandwich, with one slice of bread serving as the cheese’s showcase. The second slice of bread was implemented by someone who was “hungry as balls.” This innovation also allowed for the placement of additional cheeses.

Get the Look:

GTL – The Grilled Cheese


GTL – The Grilled Cheese, featuring forever 21 / Topshop crop top / UGG Australia / Forever 21 / Single Stick Butter Container

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I can't get enough of these!!! The BLT look is beyond amazing!


@Tracy I love that the GTLs are getting more and more abstract. And I want that Chicken and Waffles t-shirt! AND it's on sale for $12 (but only in guys' small which looks like girls' tiny...who uses odd number sizes?)


@Amphora me too!! These make me want to dress with purpose beyond the utilitarian and making myself look pretty, they make me want to dress using my imagination and for laughter and to make statements and for reasons I never considered before. I really love this series!


......funny @n


Pantsless with UGGs is definitely the way to go.


@frigwiggin pantsless with your own butter stick is also how you "Get The Look" for Last Tango In Paris


@frigwiggin well, maybe someone ate a grilled cheese sandwich and got their pants a little too greasy and don't judge me!

PS - Am I wrong for liking those Uggs? Some tiny part of me wants Shetland feet!

fondue with cheddar

@rootmarm But where do you put the stick of butter OH MY GOD.

...but wouldn't it melt?

Lumpy Space Princess

You have married the things I spend all my time on the internet looking at, and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

This is my favorite new recurring column! I always get all giddy when I see a new one!

Also, that Grilled Cheese girl's bum is going to get cold!... how about these shorts to cover up?


@Lumpy Space Princess That outfit represents the original, 'one slice' version of the grilled cheese sandwich, I think. Personally, I would wear the 'two slice' version, with pants.

Lumpy Space Princess

@plumb-bob "Officer, I'm just trying to respectfully represent the history of the grilled cheese sandwich!"


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@[sic] OMG programming languages yes please


@[sic] Flavours of ice cream! This french mint I'm eating right now would be a real cute outfit.

baked bean

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RK Fire

@baked bean
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+1 for "Get this look: chips that end in "itos" or "eetos"


@Anne You guys are awesome. You will get more looks. Some of these looks. Looks you never dreamed of. ALL OF THE LOOKS.


@RK Fire
Jupiter's Moons! I'm saving that for my maternity wardrobe.


I was just gchatting a friend that pastrami is the superior lunch meat. A Pastrami Reuben with pickles would be a tasty look.


I am so excited about this because, and I kid you not, I was about to google "world's best sandwich" cause I really want to make a good sandwich when I get home, but I checked in here first and, bam, mama's gonna make a monte cristo.


@katiemcgillicuddy Just be careful, eating those might make your heart sieze up like an engine.


@aliceandstuff Shhh!

/puts fingers in ears
//sings loudly to self


@aliceandstuff All the best sandwiches do that, though. There's just no getting around it. {Lookin' at you, Fried Chicken Sandwich from Bakesale Betty's!}


I just want to keep saying "TopShop crop top" forever.


I need someone to demonstrate how to wear the ham.


@highfivesforall Here you go, courtesy of "Bridesmaids".


Tomorrow, I'm dressing up as the French dip. Vintage chanel dress, spectator pumps, and a purse full of meat juice.


@LacunaKale If I ever change my username, it will probably be to Purse Full of Meat Juice.


Oh my gawdddd it's dinner time.


@pennylaner Also, I actually used to have that same color yellow nail polish and I don't know how I convinced myself it would look chic because it made my fingertips the exact color of American cheese and made me feel weird in work meetings.


@pennylaner My boss (an older gentleman) has never batted an eye (other than saying I look nice at a very formal event occasionally) about my appearance; ombre hair, bright red hair, shocking pink lip, black nails, never got any reaction, until one day I wore like, baby blue nail polish. I was pointing to a spreadsheet and he literally shrieked and pointed at my hand yelling "WHAT'S THAT". It was hilarious.


omg monte cristo sandwiches. omg ham as part of my "look'


I can't even wrap my head around what a Monte Cristo sandwich is (I have literally never seen one before). Also, is that thing about grilled cheese being invented in ancient Rome true!? Disappointed Atia was never just munching on some while lounging on a chaise in her villa on the HBO show.


@Megano! I think it varies some, but versions I've had include chicken, ham and swiss on french toast and what was essentially a battered and deep fried club sandwich.


@Megano! A Monte Cristo sandwich is the best thing, which is all you really need to know. My favorite kind is turkey, ham, swiss, really lightly fried and served with blackberry jam. So. Fucking. Tasty.

ms. alex

Oh god. Cheese! Cheeeeese! I miss you so.

The hat that represents lettuce is pretty wonderful. I love these!

baked bean

@ms. alex Once my friend went as the Jolly Green Giant and he wore lettuce on his head.




also, I'm totally getting that chicken and waffles shirt


When I was living in Northern Colorado and undergoing minor surgery (which was surprisingly often now that I think about it), my mom and I would always go to this pub while I was zonked out on narcotics and buy their monte christo, which was battered and deep fried, then drizzled with honey. I don't know if that's a style, or just the creation of the bar chef, but my mouth still waters when I think about it.

does it need saying

OMG, you guys! Now I need to try a Monte Cristo. A deep fried sandwich?!?


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