Thursday, February 21, 2013


Get This Look: McDonaldland

1. The Hamburglar

All the McDonald's characters we’ve come to know and love were originally products of the imaginations of Sid and Marty Krofft — the dudes behind H.R. Pufnstuf. And everybody’s favorite burger-stealing menace first appeared in the early ‘70s as a petite thief, reviled by the denizens of McDonaldland. Guys, he used to be super old, randomly wear a shirt that said “Lone Jogger,” and speak in gibberish. He eventually evolved into the more affable, youthful weirdo we're familiar with today, because someone at McDonald’s was probably all “Yeah, so, he is basically the creature of our nightmares?” Either way, he is still sassy, still burger-mad, and still down with petty theft. Also he was friends with Cedric the Entertainer.

Get This Look:

Get The Look: Hamburglar


2. Grimace

Full disclosure: I used to have a crush on Grimace. It was therefore shocking to learn that he was originally created to be a villain, in league with the Hamburglar! In fact, he was so evil that his first character name was “Evil Grimace." For subtlety. But everybody loves Grimace now because he's clumsy to the extreme, the king of pratfalls, and apparently Irish — see his uncle, Uncle O’Grimace. Purple, passionate about his fast food, and friend of Ronald — Grimace continues to be where it’s at.

Get This Look:

Get The Look: Grimace


3. The McNugget Buddies

Back in the halcyon days before we'd seen photos of the pink slop that actually comprises our delicious nuggets, the McNugget Buddies were Waldorf and Statler’s more-earnest, less-clothed McDonaldland counterparts. Thrilled to be dipped, overjoyed to be eaten, they wore many costumes, inspired my personal favorite Happy Meal toy, and were the best of friends until they were — presumably — eaten by a hungover guy.

Get This Look:

Get The Look: McNugget Buddies

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Valley Girl

The Grimace: WOULD WEAR

fondue with cheddar

@Valley Girl Right? I LOVE IT.


@Valley Girl When I clicked through, I couldn't wait to see Grimace and it so much exceeded my hopes and dreams.

fondue with cheddar

@Valley Girl It totally looks like something Rollergirl would wear.

fondue with cheddar

@professionalmess I love how we all KNEW there was going to be a Grimace and that it would be fabulous. Rebecca Jane Stokes never disappoints.


@Valley Girl in a heartbeat. I would also wear the hamburglar tho not gonna lie.

Valley Girl

@iceberg The Hamburglar look has a great Carmen Sandiego chicness going on.

Trinette Magoon

Grimace makes me want to snort some coke and go to that club in Boogie Nights.

And I haven't even tried coke.

fondue with cheddar

@Trinette Magoon AAH see my comment above. :)


Such a great idea@n


I love these more and more as they get more surreal.


I remember Evil Grimace. He stole milkshakes. The goblins, little moplike creatures, stole french fries. The Hamburglar stole hamburgers. Ronald the clown defended MacDonaldland against their assaults. Circa 1972.



I remember those commercials too. 1970s McDonaldland was like a semi-rural Times Square -- a wooded village, crawling with weirdos and petty criminals.

fondue with cheddar

@noReally The moplike creatures were the Fry Guys!


@fondue with cheddar Never heard of Fry Guys. In those days, they were definitely Goblins. Probably spelled Gobblins?

fondue with cheddar

@noReally Maybe you're thinking Gobblins because of how the Hamburglar used to say "robble robble" and your kid brain mashed them together? Here's a Fry Guy commercial which I TOTALLY remember. Wow.


"Fry Kids – Used to promote McDonald's french fries. When they first appeared in 1972, they were called Gobblins and liked to steal and gobble up the other characters' French fries. Accompanying them was the "Keep Your Eyes on Your Fries" jingle. Their name was later changed to the Fry Guys in 1983, then the Fry Kids in 1987, as female characters (the "Fry Girls") were introduced. "

fondue with cheddar

@noReally Geez, dudes...how are you supposed to establish an identity when you keep changing their name?


@noReally I had denim goucho pants with the fry guys on the pockets. No lie. My Grammie made them for me.

fondue with cheddar

@janesnextdoor Wow. Just...wow.



lavender gooms

There was an old school McDonaldland at the McDonalds near us back in the eighties. Once a year, on the day of my dance recitals, we would go there for lunch and play for a while on the playground. (Not that that was the only time I ate at McDonald's as a kid, but it's the only time I can remember playing at the McDonaldland. I probably had a full face of stage makeup, come to think of it.) I would just climb up into that hamburger jail and just sit there. It was so relaxing... I kind of wish I had a structure like that to sit in today.

These days it's one of those super colorful McDonald's playgrounds, but there was a certain post-apocalyptic charm to a sunbaked expanse of playground toys with a theme of incarceration.


@lavender gooms McDonaldlands were going through the transition from metal to plastic when I was in elementary school, and while I love a good tube I do have excellent memories of hanging out with my friends in the hamburger jail.

fondue with cheddar

@lavender gooms That was my favorite part of McDonaldland too! Except when it was busy and there were a whole bunch of other kids cramming themselves in.

Wasn't the jail the head of Officer Big Mac?


@OhMarie -There's a harsh truth to face. No way I'm gonna make it on the outside. All I do anymore is think of ways to steal some Big Macs, so maybe they'd send me back. Terrible thing, to live in fear. OhMarie knew it. Knew it all too well. All I want is to be back in Hamburger Jail where things make sense. Where I won't have to be afraid all the time. Only one thing stops me. A promise I made to Ronald. 

Tuna Surprise

@fondue with cheddar

That's the McDonald's Playland of my youth! 2nd degree burns, here I come!


@fondue with cheddar YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Hamburger jail is actually the head of Officer Big Mac.

fondue with cheddar

@OhMarie ...which is a whole other level of creepiness.


@fondue with cheddar Seeing this just made me forget what I was actually coming down here to say. I miss these so much! We had an indoor one that my grandparents used to take my brother and I to when we were little. But there was a tunnel to get into the "jail" part of his mouth and I used to just sit up there most of the tim because it was my favorite part. It also felt like it was at least five stories off of the ground to me.


@fondue with cheddar That mayor mccheese prison thing is terrifying.

lucy snowe

@leon s At the strip mall in Auburn there's a shoe store, where you'll find a big red shoe with no earthly business to be in a Aerosoles in central Massachusetts. There's a styrofoam carton under it I want you to have.


I have used that fluffy purple Balmain jacket in many a Polyvore set myself.

Munich Pixie Dream Girl

Well, it looks like I'm going to be sexy Grimace this year for Halloween.


Wait, but I want to see original scary Hamburglar...? (Okaaaay, fiiiine, I'll google it, but I'm going to be frowning the whole time!)


@frigwiggin WHOA THAT NOSE (scroll down a little)

fondue with cheddar

@frigwiggin HR Pufnstuf was SCARY AS SHIT. See also: The Great Space Coaster.


This lady I dated had this cheeseburger key-chain wallet thing, which I always thought was really cute and cool.


I really feel there was a missed opportunity here. Ahem. Mayor McCheese, anyone?


how about those McDonaldland Magical Radio cassette tapes? Mmm, Magic Funmobile.

lucy snowe

I love the vulnerability of the nude Danskins for those little nuggets. At the end of their synchronized routine, they could dive into a vat of dipping sauce.

baked bean

OOOOOooo I could totes do Grimace, my brother has a purple fur coat.


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