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Friday Bargain Bin: Super Bowl Weekend

Nike Touchdown Tees, $29 (were $45)
My team is all sold out. JUST KIDDING, I DO NOT HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM. WHAT!? Also, this is not going to be Super Bowl-themed. That was almost a total lie, except for the fact that this is posting on the last weekday before the Super Bowl, and I found this one football-related item which doesn’t really count seeing as how the final teams’ shirts aren’t even available.

Nation LTD Eugene Cardigan, $39 (was $130)
Euge. The Eugigan. Cardigene. Leave this in your tote in case you accidentally leave the house in that t-shirt, Edith.

Ceramic Fox Speaker, $24.99 (was $49)
What is this, how does it work, and when is mine arriving?

Set of Three Winter Home Candles, $24.49 (was $49)
I cannot even count the number of agonizing seconds I just spent checking the price on this and the fox speaker to be sure I wasn’t mixing them up. Anyways! These are the best candles because they make crackly noises like a real fire.

Lattice Fishnet Tights, $6.99 (were $15)
If full-on fishnets are too hot, and those fake ones that are just opaque tights with lines drawn on them are too cold, these will be juuust right.

Rock Tumbling Kit, $29.99 (was $54.95)
“In just a few weeks, you can make what it takes rivers and oceans thousands of years to create—smooth, polished stones that can be transformed into jewelry. This kit contains all you need to get started: a powerful tumbling cylinder, semiprecious rough stones, polishing powder, and findings to make a key chain, necklace, ring, or earrings.” !!!

Spotted Sea Heels, $80 (were $340)
Holy moly, what a sale. While you’re at BHLDN, scoop these…

Set of Six Monogrammed Cards, $4 (were $20)
Opal, Quintana, Ursula, Xochitl, and Yolanda — you are in luck this week!

Noir Jewelry 18-Karat-Gold-Plated Enameled Earrings, $35 (were $72)
Perfect for summer.

NIP & FAB Limited Edition 10 Years Younger in a Box, $23,68 (was $34.99)
Wow, could the name of this company BE any more British? A lot of you have been asking for some weak-ass, non-Retin-A-containing, “anti-aging” snake oil to waste your money on, so here you go!

Two Nights at Castlemartyr Resort in Ireland, $210 (was $404)
Go. GO! Why are you still here? SCRAM!


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