Friday, February 22, 2013


Esther C. Werdiger's Illustrated Hamentaschen Recipe

Purim begins at sunset on Saturday — make some Hamentaschen!

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maybe partying will help

Oh MAN surely one bakery stall at the market will have hamentaschen this Saturday! (I'm lazy)


Esther is the reason I made Hamentaschen last year! I am not Jewish, so I didn't know about these before, but they are not very hard to make and are extremely delicious! I brought them to a bar, and they were quite well-received.


Very cool. I'll have a look.@n

oh! valencia

Thank you, I will!
Happy birthday, Esther!


@oh! valencia It's her birthday?! Happy birthday, Esther! You're a gem!

oh! valencia

@frigwiggin well, the comic says she was born right before Purim, so around now-ish.

Tuna Surprise

A new Purim tradition should be to watch For Your Consideration


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"My first instinct says that it reminds me of my family, and I hate my family."


"You can't throw the baby out with the bathwater because then all you have is a wet, critically injured baby."

I can't stop somebody send help

Nicole Cliffe

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Made these last year with some pals I met at a very small 'Pinup! None of us are Jewish, but by golly, these were easy to make and SO TASTY.

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