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Dear Internet,


Born to Die – The Paradise Edition is out now.

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fondue with cheddar


I'm going to be completely useless for the next ten minutes until I recover.


@fondue with cheddar - Haha Yes.

But also - Is LDR "For Real Famous" or just "This corner of the internet famous".

I realized I now have basically no idea what is mainstream / real, because I was recently visiting with family, and I realized that all of the music I thought was hugely popular was not, nobody had ever spent days arguing about Jonah Lehrer, and I had no idea who like, Mac Miller was or that NCIS was a real show, not a CSI spoof.

fondue with cheddar

@leon s Have no idea either. To be completely honest, I get most of my pop culture these days from The Hairpin. I don't know anything about LDR either. All I know is that her voice is sexy as hell. When I get sick my voice sounds exactly like that and I sing a lot.


@leon s Her album debut did better than anyone thought it would but I think aside from the initial "Blue Jeans" / "Video Games" groundswells she hasn't caught much buzz in the US. The folks behind her are still pretty set on establishing her as a going concern - she's been on a number of features and sang a duet with Bobby Womack, and I believe she anchored a pretty high-profile fashion ad campaign in Europe (she sang an execrable rendition of "Blue Velvet" in an execrable David Lynch pastiche TV ad).

She didn't really get off to a great start with me when her handlers sold her as the "gangster Nancy Sinatra", as though the gangster Nancy Sinatra is not Nancy Sinatra. It has been fun to watch the backlash to the backlash, though.


@Danzig! "...as though the gangster Nancy Sinatra is not Nancy Sinatra."

Ha, word.


@Danzig! I actually really love the duet w/ Bobby Womack. But I loved the entirety of that Womack album.

I think where I meant I'm a weirdo ( weirdo / dude who is either in Brooklyn or below 14th Street at all times ) is that, while I have heard LDR quite a lot, I could not name two Taylor Swift songs (I am aware of the never getting back together one) despite the fact that she is super super famous, and I couldn't name a single Mumford & Sons song.

ETA: Not that I'm down on them! And not that I think "my culture" is "right" - It actually really bums me out, I feel like a schmuck for being into culture, but oblivious too often to mainstream stuff. It's just that there's only so much time in a day, and the stuff people around me are talking about gets listened to first, so I miss out on a lot of other popular stuff - which is a shame, cuz I'm a sucker for a catchy hook.


@leon s you know I never heard a Destiny's Child song until I moved to New York and started frequenting coin-op laundromats? I'm in a cocoon for the most part. I'm just listening to my weird bullshit all the time.

The Womack album is quite good. Such a shame that it may very well be his last.


I don't care what anyone says, LDR forever and ever amen.


@doomfordarlings I love her and I don't care who knows it. I'm considering going to Germany this summer partly because she'll be touring there.


i do not understand lana del rey but i cam here to ask why artists are putting out "new versions" of their albums instead of a second damn album? NOT INTO IT


@martinipie to sell Jaguars, obvs...Not to be cynical or anything.


if Julia Roberts and Pricilla Presley had a baby =LANA DEL REY@y


Lana Del Ray = Mulholland Drive + Play it as it Lays / vintage Obsession perfume commercials.


@laurel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLEA3bc-3p0


@Danzig! ... + Elvis-era Priscilla hair + Karen Black wonky-eyeness * Barton Fink set design.

Less Lee Moore@facebook

@laurel OH MY GOD KAREN BLACK YES! Thank you. Love Lana Del Rey.


It would be really great, I think, to throw a party where the only attendees are women the Internet hates. "Hello," Taylor Swift nods quietly to Lena Dunham. "You too?"


@melis - From what I've heard about reddit, you might need an awful big ballroom for that gala.

ms. alex

I have so many conflicted feelings about Lana Del Rey.

ms. alex

@ms. alex conflicting? conflicted? blerg.


I mean I do understand the flack she gets because she does seem sort of artificial and ridiculous sometimes but I also think that she is totally sincerely into everything she sings/talks about in a way that maybe makes people suspicious because they're not used to total transparency and earnestness? or maybe I'm overthinking it.
Video Games gets me every time though, so that's something.


@shallownotheartless I <3 her for making her own videos, observing Paz de la Huerta, getting what the light in L.A. looks like. LDR knows what she's doing.


@laurel Paz is just too good. That messy brown lipstick, perpetual onscreen (and real life) nakedness, the way she calls everyone Daddy on Boardwalk Empire. I die. And yes to the LA light thing! Nobody on the east coast ever knows what I'm talking about but it's just different, sort of soft and hazy but absolutely golden.


@shallownotheartless I've heard L.A.'s peculiar light attributed to the large particulate in its smog reflecting sunlight, giving it a golden, shimmering quality. I think of it as a billion tiny mirrors, all pointed at Hollywood.


Ahhhhh! LDR is my jam. I have no current or past musical knowledge or anything, but lana came in to my life and that ish is so sexy it's like pavlovian response- I hear her song and I get turned on. Simple as that. I knew it was love once I found out that while she was struggling to get picked up by a label/make it in la la land, she worked with the local homeless population. Love everything about her.


I have to admit to being fascinated by the degree of my own animosity towards LDR. That, and I do like the drunken Path de la Heurta footage in Video Games. That is all that I have that's...constructive?


Oh, and this is funny and compelling:


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