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Now For an Article on Phylicia Rashad’s Earrings

Why WAS Bill Cosby rocking those sweaters?

“Usually you don’t do close-ups on TV, and that’s why we started using sweaters,” says Lemire. “As our bodies move around, the clothes are going to shift between the first and second take. If you have a jacket on, and the shirt collar’s in one spot, it’s going to slide off a little on one side or the other, or it might do something else that didn’t match. Sandrich was a real stickler for things matching, so we just did the sweater thing. I actually sewed his shirts to the sweaters so that nothing moved.”

Did you know that stockinette stitch work created a strobe effect when exposed to the multi-camera filmwork of the 1980s? That Koos Van Den Akker designed most of your favorites? That Bill Cosby has lost track of most of them and anticipates that “eBay will explode” approximately twenty minutes after his death?

No updates on the pudding.


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