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Now For an Article on Phylicia Rashad's Earrings

Why WAS Bill Cosby rocking those sweaters?

“Usually you don’t do close-ups on TV, and that’s why we started using sweaters,” says Lemire. “As our bodies move around, the clothes are going to shift between the first and second take. If you have a jacket on, and the shirt collar’s in one spot, it’s going to slide off a little on one side or the other, or it might do something else that didn’t match. Sandrich was a real stickler for things matching, so we just did the sweater thing. I actually sewed his shirts to the sweaters so that nothing moved.”

Did you know that stockinette stitch work created a strobe effect when exposed to the multi-camera filmwork of the 1980s? That Koos Van Den Akker designed most of your favorites? That Bill Cosby has lost track of most of them and anticipates that "eBay will explode" approximately twenty minutes after his death?

No updates on the pudding.

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Where is the full article the quote is from?


@Megano! I was wondering the same thing- here it is:


@cowgirlinthesand Thanks for this. Article!


I would not be surprised at all if Ebay exploded with Cosby sweaters (and Cosby sweater FAKES!) as soon as he dies. He is not wrong in that regard.


Strobe effect from stockinette? but not from garter stitch or seed? That is so strange. I would like to see some video of this phenomenon please.


@Yarnybarny I think they meant garter--someone pointed out in the comments that this wasn't feasible on stockinette, but I could see garter giving off a "strobe" effect, like in this scarf http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/bill-cosby-schools-us-about-those-crazy-sweaters/

fondue with cheddar

I saw an interesting mini-documentary about KVDA and the Cosby sweaters, but I can't for the life of me remember enough about it to find it online and recommend it to you. But it was so great. I'll mull it over.

fondue with cheddar

Also? I really miss Pudding Pops.

raised amongst catalogs

@fondue with cheddar YES, heartily seconded. I also miss something that I can't entirely remember, and no one else seems to know what I'm talking about. I'm almost positive that they were made by Life Savers, and they were fruit & cream flavors swirled together -- maybe like oversized Life Savers on a stick, like a marbleized-looking sucker?

fondue with cheddar

@raised amongst catalogs Hm...I vaguely remember something like that.

raised amongst catalogs

@fondue with cheddar I just ended up reading a Life Savers nostalgia forum in my search to prove to myself that they existed. Two people gave love to the cherries and cream & orange & cream ones, but I am remembering a blueberries & cream one and THAT, people, was the best one.

fondue with cheddar

@raised amongst catalogs What were they called?

On a related note, I know it's not the same thing but Weight Watchers makes an ice cream/sorbet swirl bar, and while I haven't had it because it's new, I've had several other varieties, and they're DELICIOUS. http://www.weightwatchers.com/shop/categoryshowcase.aspx?pageid=1056551

raised amongst catalogs

@fondue with cheddar Life Savers Swirled Lollipops. http://youtu.be/w6uhyvv-aPg

fondue with cheddar

@raised amongst catalogs OOHHHHH I thought you were talking about an ice cream version of those. Yeah, I totally remember those lollipops, and they were amazing! These days they have Creme Savers, which are pretty much the same thing, flavor-wise.


@raised amongst catalogs I sincerely miss Life Savers Gummi Savers, which were just gummy versions of life savers, with the same flavors and shape and stuff. They came in a sealed sleeve so the gummi-ness never got hard and gross like gummy bears. I'm pretty sure they were short-lived around 2000, or at least, at that time I was in the sixth grade and had a friend who's dad worked for Life Savers corporate and brought home copious amounts of test products, particularly those, and his daughter would share them generously with her friends and lunch and sleepovers.

fondue with cheddar

@itiresias Are you sure they stopped making them? I feel like I've had them much more recently than that. They were delicious, better than both gummi bears and Life Savers.

raised amongst catalogs

@fondue with cheddar I can see why you thought that! I think my brain was focused on the "swirled" qualities of both the Pudding Pops and those suckers. If they make Creme Savers in the blueberry, I haven't seen them yet. Here's hoping.

fondue with cheddar

@raised amongst catalogs They totally should! The other flavors are still great, though. I eat them when I have a sore throat because they taste better than cough drops and coat just as well.


@itiresias They do still make these! Except they come in bags now.

And I also remember the life saver lollipops! They were delicious.


@fondue with cheddar I weep for Pudding Pops (and for myself, who can no longer have them).

fondue with cheddar

@PoBoyNation And we are SO not alone. If they brought them back they'd sell like hotcakes! Actually, better than hotcakes.


@fondue with cheddar Yes! Business plan!!!


Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing. I worked with a guy for a while who rocked Cosby sweaters all of the time. My favorite was a kind of patchwork one--it was regular sweater on the back, but had different patches all over the front, mostly in gray/brown/black, but some of the patches were LEATHER.

raised amongst catalogs

@OhMarie Was his name Reuben? Because I knew a Reuben who also wore leather-patched sweaters. He also tucked his sweaters into his pants.

fondue with cheddar

@OhMarie OMG I remember when those were a Thing.


@raised amongst catalogs No! Maybe every office has one? Is there a Dilbert about this?

Beatrix Kiddo

@OhMarie My Spanish teacher wears Cosby sweaters all the time, so I'm constantly nostalgic for the Cosby show when I see him. Last week, he wore one with a dragon on it!


If I was a better knitter, I'd make patterns for the greatest Cosby sweaters throughout time and give them away for free use.

I've been trying to get my husband into Cosby sweaters. If anyone could pull that look off, he's the guy to do it.

I think I know what you're referring to in the "strobe" from stockingette, you can see it a bit on this alien scarf http://www.xtreme-knitting.com/photos-alienscarf.htm


Shoutout to Coogi sweaters - originally from Australia, where no one wears them - popularized by Dr. Cosby and beloved by rappers.


@iceberg My husband is an absolute nutcase for Coogi sweaters, he has dozens of them. I don't know what to think about that, they look really dorky in a way, but then the patterns are beautiful, and they suit him somehow, he loves them so much that I think his sheer confidence makes it all work. And I love him, and am probably stuck with the sweaters as part of the whole package, anyway.


@iceberg You JUST made me think of the Kath and Kim episode where they organise to fly somewhere on holiday but miss the flight and end up having a holiday at Sydney International Terminal and buying Coogi!

But no-one in Australia wears Coogi because they're like $200 for a crazy jumper you can't even wear except on weekends/in extremely relaxed workplace environments. The only person who could pull this off as everyday wear is Nicki Minaj, IMHO:


^ what I would get if I won lotto and could afford it/didn't have to be taken seriously at work


@TARDIStime Hang on - there are affordable/wearable jumpers and cardigans by Coogi!?!? When did this happen?
I take it all back!
This winter I will be buying a wearable Coogi cardi!

Heat Signature

My husband has been known to (unironically, thank you very much)occasionally sport a Cosby-esque sweater that was handed down to him from my grandfather. He enjoys the look, and I have to say I find something very soothing about it as well.

does it need saying

@Heat Signature My husband jusst started rocking the Cosby Cardigan. He loves it and purchased it on a whim.


I couldn't care less about a Cosby sweater. GET ME A GORDON CARTRELL ORIGINAL!!!

one cow.

@MaxBraverman It's tucked into MY SOCKS!!!


My favorite Cosby sweater is the recursive Cosby sweater.




@VDRE This is the perfect sweater inception!


one of my late grandmothers fave stories to tell was when she mistook bill cosby for a bellhop and he called her a bitch. (grandma was a professional hotel babysitter in Las Vegas and had a lot of stories to tell about famouses)

oh, grandma. she claimed it was his own fault for not dyeing his hair and then called him a bad name that i will not repeat, as it will cause the internet to explode.


@LeafySeaDragon No! Bill Cosby is a mild-mannered grandfather-type! Never called anyone a bitch in his life! I won't believe it!

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