Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Choose Your Own Catfishing Adventure

I'm married, so when I say this actually kind of worked, I mean that I wasn't horrified by the person I was "fixed up with" via this silly interactive YouTube dating game. Fine, I was mildly delighted for two seconds before quickly closing my browser. Good luck!

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My choice ("choice?") was a bit absurd and definitely cute. No complaints!

fondue with cheddar

@Lucienne Mine was cute, but barely legal so it was a little uncomfortable.


@fondue with cheddar God, mine too. I thought he was 12!


This is the most extensive video project I have ever created. I have nested over 100 videos and 50 youtubers inside! Open it up and find out!@a

Roxanne Rholes





This is the most extensive video project I have ever created. I have nested over 100 videos and 50 youtubers inside! Open it up and find out!@y

dracula's ghost

would definitely french the face off the dude they matched me with. Not sure he'd be into it though, since he appears to be roughly one thousand years younger than me

fondue with cheddar

@dracula's ghost Mine was very young too (18). I wonder if they all are.

Roxanne Rholes

@fondue with cheddar I got an option that asked if I liked older men, and when I said yes I still got a guy who looks younger than me. I'm only 26!

fondue with cheddar

@Roxanne Rholes It didn't even ask me about age! But I did the lady one so I guess it's entirely different.

Faintly Macabre

@fondue with cheddar Based on his room and jellybands, I think the kid I got is still in high school. However, he looks like a cuter version of two boys I was madly in love with (obsessed with?) between ages 14 and 16, so I guess it's pretty accurate!

Evan Edinger @twitter

@fondue with cheddar Most of the possible Valentines in the video were 16-23 with 1 25-year-old and a 30-year-old.

Judith Slutler

mine was terrible augh why

Judith Slutler

@Emmanuelle Cunt oh dear 2nd try boy is literally filming himself in front of his high school building

fondue with cheddar

@Emmanuelle Cunt My girl was 18 and was filming herself in her messy room.


I got a guy in a bubble bath. Admirable.


@Misselthwaite I got him too! Pretty cute. Also now I want champagne.


@Misselthwaite Me three! He reminds me of every boy I was friends with in high school... 15 years ago. Fake British accent and all.


@Misselthwaite Me too!
I guess we all like funny British guys and have no patience for long, drawn-out sketches?

dracula's ghost

if nothing else, this reminds us all that tiny little half-grown babies with glorious skin rule the internet and thus also the world


Mine was in a bathtub? I'm down with that I guess but it really highlighted that I maybe shouldn't be trying to find my youtube vantentines day date at work.


Think of the amazing demographic research you could do with this. If half the people in the comments at the Hairpin got bathtub boy, what does that say about us? (C'mon, somebody please do your thesis on YouTube Valentines!)

Atheist Watermelon

@blueblazes i was thinking the same thing. WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAAAANNN

Atheist Watermelon

ok, so they paired me with a british james spader lookalike in a bubble bath. no complaints here.

Atheist Watermelon

@Didldidi oh. same for everyone else here, it seems. haha.


I basically ended up with my current guy lol. A 23yo Ginger Irish musician :)

Terror of the 416

Y'all lost me at "vlog." I have no idea what these young turks are talking about.

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