Thursday, February 21, 2013


Bat for Lashes, "Lilies"

Right when it's like "Okay, Natasha," things get good and then stay good. Incidentally, she really nailed the traditional blogger ensemble. What a lovely song.

Bat for Lashes' The Haunted Man is out now.

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Wow, I can't remember being so annoyed by a singer. This must be what Kate Bush sounds like to people who don't like her. (I do.) Nice muppets though.

The Abomunist

So that's what it's like to visit a Showtime Pizza parlor in Pripyat. Good to know seventies-era fadeout tricks are back in fashion too. Those have been missed.

sarah girl

This is so delightfully weird! Reminds me of Jan Švankmajer's Alice in Wonderland movie.


This music video is pure gold.@n


Reminds me of that other song

Julie the T

Oh man I love her sooooooo much. So so much. Eff the haters. Natasha forever.


The lilies are there to make things interesting. I guess they have done a pretty job with that. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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