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Kevin Bacon-ing With Connie Britton

A writer for The Hairpin spied Britton in a coffee shop and promptly posted a list of things she could have said to her. Among them: “Please lend me the key to being a woman and I’ll run across the street and make a few copies because I know I’ll lose it over the weekend.”

The NY Times Mag profiles the excellent Connie Britton, including the above detail on page two. (!) See also: "Things I Could Have Said to Connie Britton When She Came Into My Coffee Shop the Other Day." More exciting than Scott Speedman? (Sorry, Scott, who has doubtless become a regular reader.)

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fondue with cheddar

My key was on one of those ball-chains, which broke at some point in my twenties. By the time I noticed it was way too late to retrace my steps and find the key.

Nicole Cliffe



IMDB says she majored in Asian studies at Dartmouth and was at one time roommates with Lauren Graham.


@OhMyGoshYouGuys !!!!

I now want nothing more than to talk Japanese history with Connie Britton while brushing her hair.


@OhMyGoshYouGuys She and Lauren Graham would be the best slumber party guests ever.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@OhMyGoshYouGuys This is blowing my mind. I bet they raised their perfect eyebrows at each other a lot when speaking.


@OhMyGoshYouGuys !!! ahhh I had no idea she was an alumna. love her.

honey cowl

@OhMyGoshYouGuys WHATTTTTTT HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! So much womanly perfection in ONE AREA I'm freaking outtttttt


@OhMyGoshYouGuys I love how Connie Britton is inspiring us to create Hairpin accounts just to talk about her, which is what I just did. I wanted to add that not only was CB an Asian Studies major, she studied abroad in China with NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.


BOOM, my most favorite fact ever.


It gets even better.
I listen to The Nerdist a lot, and she was on last spring sometime. Years ago she and Chris Hardwick were in the same circle of friends which also included Lauren Graham and Rob Zombie. Like, they'd all get together for regular poker nights. Can you imagine?!
Chris Hardwick spent most of the conversation apologizing for having been a drunk and constantly trying to fuck her.


OK, so, evidently, now is my chance to find out why everyone loves Connie Britton so much. I haven't seen anything she's been in, so I'm really curious. Can anyone explain just a bit? Thanks!

sarah girl

@Lu2 FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. That's pretty much it.


@Lu2 Yeah, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (!!!!). But even though I've never seen Nashville, I think I love her even more after reading this profile. How awesome is it that she's fighting back against having her character represented as old, sad and washed-up at age 40?


@TheBelleWitch That does sound great. I'll have to check out "Friday Night Lights." I heard only good things about it while it was on.


@Lu2 Hey hey! Spin City was pretty funny when M.J. Fox was starring.

Lily Rowan

@Lu2 I never even watched Friday Night Lights, but I think it's because she seems just enough better than a regular woman in every way. Not so much better (in looks/personality/hair/kindness/strength/etc.) that you couldn't know her in real life, but she would be the best person you know.


@Lu2 I've only seen her in American Horror Story. She's just enough older than me that I want to be her when I grow up.

polka dots vs stripes

@Lu2 While I would like to join in the choruses telling you to watch Nashville and FNL, read any interview with her, ever, and especially ones with Kyle Chandler when they talk about how they wanted to portray a real marriage on FNL. They immediately decided they didn't want their characters to cheat on each other, and instead focus on lots of the every day issues that real people in real marriages face.

And Tami Taylor used Planned Parenthood when she thought she was pregnant (I was watching that episode when Komen pulled their PP funding).

polka dots vs stripes

@Lily Rowan But not necessarily! She made tons of mistakes in FNL and I think that's one of the reasons people love her - she reflected back what most people like to think of themselves: an imperfect person trying their very best to be kind to the people they love and to do their job with integrity, but sometimes falling short along the way.

At least, that & her hair is why I love her.


@yrouttasight ?

honey cowl

@Lu2 Nashvillllleeeee too. Watch it.

honey cowl

@polka dots vs stripes Yes the hair. Oh how I want her hair.


@Sarah H. Okay, I tried to get into Friday Night Lights on Netflix and just didn't really fall in love in the first few episodes. But everyone says it is great. How much football is in it? Because I dislike football for both aesthetic and ethical reasons, so I really don't know if I can get into a show that is about football.

polka dots vs stripes

@Blushingflwr I would say keep going with the first season and get invested in the non-football storylines (although, granted, the first season is A LOT of football). Or, you could skip to the third or fourth seasons, which are way less football and include many more issues about class/race/etc etc in which football really only operates as the organization that makes these people interact with each other in the first place and not a driving plot point.


I know I'm not alone on this one, but my crush on Mrs. Taylor intensified throughout the 5 seasons.


I am almost done with season 5 and all I want to do is talk about FNL and cry and cry and cry be my mom Connie Britton



That's all.


I am astonished that anyone could write a piece on Connie Britton without using the word "grace."

She embodies grace, which I like to think of as "confident humility."


@karion That's a beautiful and apt definition.


OK, so I <3 Mrs. Coach and everything but the first time I remember seeing Connie Britton was on the last five minutes of an episode of Spin City I happened upon back in the day.

The cast was all out together at a bar getting hammmmmered and playing "I never...". For the last line of the episode, it's Connie's character's turn and she says slurrily, "I like to be spanked-- Oh god, I mean, I've never been spanked."

It was perfect.


I created this account just so I could tell you guys about my awesome Connie Britton sighting. This was when they were still filming FNL in Austin. My friend and I were backed-up at a stop light out onto a bridge and as we look over next to us we see that Connie Britton is in the car next to us which isn't all that awesome (well, kinda.) The awesome part was that she was driving an old convertable mustang with the top down and the sun was setting over the river behind her and she just looked so goddamn cool with her hair blowing and sunglasses on.


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