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Zabs & Alison Take One for The Team

Speaking of fake boyfriends, are you watching The Bachelor this season? Me neither! There's something... and don't take this the worst possible way even though it will be very easy to... but there's something too wholesome + non-alcoholic about this season, and yes, I did watch the first episode where Ashley P. got drunk and wanted to act out 50 Shades of Grey, but that was adorable and adorable is not why we watch The Bachelor. Instead, watch Zabeth Russell and Alison Koellisch watch it for you. They are four episodes deep.

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I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

My (male) boss insists on us having a Bachelor watching party soon. This is helping me get up to date on the happenings. Hilarious.


thanks for the suggestion! We have done just that! We will expect our pussy pop in the mail in 6-8 weeks.@y


This is hilarious if you've seen the show. It's SO BAD BUT SO GOOD.


I like to just watch the first episode of The Bachelor so that I can count the number of women who give nanny, model, or dancer as their profession. They vastly outnumber women with college-degree-required careers*. And then I count how many of the interestingly employed professional women are cut right away. And then I cry.

I LOOOOOOVE The Bachelorette though! (in a horrible, horrible way)

*I know there are many awesome, professional nanny dancers in the world. I haven't met any women doing those things, but I have no doubt they exist. I just think this is overrepresented.


@MissMushkila Oh God, you have just OUTRAGED the American Society of Professional Nanny Dancers. BE CAREFUL! They are a powerful lobby with many sinister connections and deep pockets. I mean, look at their iron grip on ABC!

But to your point, even Ashley H., as an example, was well-educated, but was ALSO a semi-pro dancer at some point. I remember a few seasons ago (no idea which one. Maybe Brad's?) they had this girl on that was a PhD student in something science-y (maybe biology? chemistry?), and she was easily the most normal person I've ever seen on the show. She made it maybe 2-3 episodes and just constantly had a look on her face that screamed, "I don't belong here. You guys, what is even going on right now?" She looked relieved when she got booted.


@MissMushkila It was BEN's season. Ben was the worst bachelor ever. They edited him really well on Ashley's season, but when it was just him there was no hope. She even had a whole little rap she did! But she was very very clearly way too smart for Ben.


@keynesiancutie See, I knew I wasn't the only one who noticed this! Thanks for validating me.


@keynesiancutie Oh and I couldn't stand Ben either. I watched maybe the first two and last two episodes of his season. Let's just say ABC was lucky that Courtney was busy causing all that drama in the house.


I've never seen an episode of any of the bachelor/ette shows but this is so so so way better!!! Kind of like Richard Lawson's old Housewives recaps :)

This also totally makes me feel like that part in the About page of this very site, the bit that sometimes hanging out with your friends having cocktails and getting ready for the party is more fun than the actual party... Yay!


I can't watch these shows because they elicit the same response in me as horror movies. That is, watching through holes in a blanket at certain moments, cringing the entire time.


I haven't seen this show in years. But I LOL'd at these ladies. Hilarious. It brought back so many memories of splits, and drinks, and "can I steal you?" This show is the best and worst.


So can this be a bachelor (current season) discussion thread? I don't have a lot of bachelor-watching friends, but I obviously want to discuss everything. Topics may include (but are not limited to): was anyone else surprised Kacie self-destructed so early? Tiara, what is up with her/what did he see in her to give her a rose so early also how long do you think she'll last? Who do you think will win? (I'm betting Des or Ashley, currently)


What madness hath you wrought, Hairpin? I am now watching The Bachelor after avoiding it for as long as it has wended its wretched way across the television.


You have to cringe while you laugh


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