Thursday, January 31, 2013


Yo La Tengo's Recipe-Inclusive "I'll Be Around" Video

Lovely. Bon Appetit talks to Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan:

[W]ere you actually cooking it on-screen?
IK: Oh yeah. We're not actors.

Well, speaking of which, why did you get Superchunk's lead singer, Mac McCaughan, to play you, singing, in the video?
IK: It just seemed appropriate for the song. There's this aspect to making a video, and dramatizing the song, that can get in the way of... One of the things that's appealing about making music and writing songs is that they aren't literal. Even though there are lyrics, you can leave a lot of space for the listener to fill in the blanks and read things the way they want to read them.

Bon Appetit also has Tortilla Soup and Spanish Tortilla recipes that stay still, and Yo La Tengo's Fade is out now.

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This is so lovely I had a good cry and fell asleep before getting to the recipes.


Gentle bass drives Ira Kaplan's thoughtfully plucked guitar in Yo La Tengo's soothing folk-pop ballad 'I'll Be Around'@y

fondue with cheddar

SO COOL. I can't wait to watch this at lunchtime, though it sounds like it will make me enjoy my frozen pizza a little less.

P.S. My brother's band opened for Portastatic a few years ago and I thought Mac McCaughan was kind of a jerk.

fondue with cheddar

Ahhhh...YLT is perfect mid-workday break music.


This is so great, and so is the new album. So fuzzy and nostalgic, yummy.


@yeah-elle I really love how self-referential all of the lyrics in the video are. Have you noticed how they do a similar thing with the actual songs - for instance, one of the new songs uses the same drums as "Saturday" from "And Nothing...", and they use other little bits of melody from their older songs throughout. Ugh, LOVE.


Hooray for proper tortilla-flipping technique!


Why did they arrest James??


@vunder try applying what ira said to the reasoning behind the arrest: "you can leave a lot of space for the listener to fill in the blanks and read things the way they want to read them"


ipconfig Yo La Tengo's Recipe-Inclusive "I'll Be Around" Video!


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