Monday, January 7, 2013


Would You Know My Name, If I Saw You in Pyongyang?

"Jong Chul, who is thought to live in North Korea, was last seen in public at a 2011 Eric Clapton concert in Singapore."
The Washington Post has a piece today on North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun's mysterious older brothers. For more "fun," check out their gallery of 49 photos from inside North Korea.

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Barbara Demick's 'Nothing to Envy' is a must-read, if you like to be depressed about stuff.

de Pizan

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Also a must-read is The Aquariums of Pyongyang by Chol-hwan Kang, about the author's family's life in the gulag for ten years.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Yeah, I really, really, really recommend this book to everyone. It's SO GOOD and fascinating - whether you're interested in that region or not. But not one person has heeded my suggestion to read an absorbing page turner about modern day famine and prison camps. Huh. Their loss.

But seriously, this is such a weird country. Like cuckoo nuts. And RIGHT NEXT to South Korea. Which has a higher standard of living than half the US, or, at least where I live (if you equate high standard of living with conspicuous consumption). Which, now that I think of it - the scary, deprived relative in South Korea's attic (North Korea), might help explain some of the frenzied consumption and superficiality there. Huh.

Wonder what psychological havoc the Canadians are wreaking on us Mericans? Jerks! Just lurking up there.


@de Pizan ooh I am watching Camp 14 on Netflix right now. Dude grew up in a NK camp and escaped.


is catchy and inspiring!@j

Lila Fowler

Kim Jong-Nam getting arrested trying to go to Disneyland Tokyo is my personal favorite Kim family story. What a crazy family. At least all the kiddos are getting 2 pounds of candy this year? And they can legally eat pizza!


A+ title.

Setec Astrology

@likethestore - Agree, but on the downside, now some of us have to live with one of Clapton's middling works rattling around our heads this afternoon.


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