Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We Need to Talk About Elvis

If you're watching crappy reality TV when one of the characters says something about being friends with music super producer David Foster's ex-wife and you look her up and click on this photo of her and ex-boyfriend Elvis, you might eventually end up ignoring your TV show and instead digging through an insanely detailed Elvis timeline. Thirteen years before meeting Linda, "Elvis used a three-day pass to visit Munich and call unannounced on Vera Tschechowa, an 18-year-old actress whom he'd met a few months earlier. Together, they visited the Moulin Rouge nightclub." And so on...

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Tuna Surprise

The content of your post leads me to believe you have never been to Graceland. For shame!

Nicole Cliffe

@Tuna Surprise Some of us are still bound, singing, to Graceland. But that's cool, because we will all be received when we get there.

fondue with cheddar

@Nicole Cliffe Along with the poor boys and pilgrims with families.

Nicole Cliffe

OH, and Claire Bloom almost slept with Elvis, but I think if you sleep with Olivier, Burton, AND Elvis, those monsters from "Cabin in the Woods" take over civilization.

Jane Marie

@Nicole Cliffe CLAIRE!


@Nicole Cliffe I might trade sex with Olivier and Burton for sex with Elvis, if I were forced to choose.

Valley Girl

@hands_down The salacious Elvis bio I pored over as a teen alleged that Elvis generally preferred a good dry hump to anything else. In Jockey briefs! Obviously that kind of detail sticks with a 13 year old.


@Valley Girl I remember reading something similar where someone who worked with Elvis said he prefered blowjobs to p in v and that sometimes they'd hear the girls he'd bring back to his room sobbing because they were determined to lose their virginity to ELvis,but he fell asleep before they did anything

Valley Girl

@crango YES there was a whole thing about how he preferred lots of other things to p in v! I think the implication was that it was a surefire method of birth control and the best way to avoid a statutory charge since Elvis liked them YOUNG.


As long as this is playing in the background, sure, we can talk (weep) about anything.


Or you might be watching the same show, hear the same line, surf to that first photo and then discover that she eventually married Bruce Jenner and bore Brody Jenner, thus relating her to any number of other members of the extended crappy reality TV family.


@lizziebell or you might watch that same show and be driven CRAZY by the fact that they edit out the secret that the entire season's fight has been based on. C'mon Andy Cohen, deliver already!


Reading about Elvis' life just makes me sad. He is one of those famous people whose bad habits were encouraged by the leeches around him.


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Reading about Elvis' life just makes me sad. He is one of those famous people whose bad habits were encouraged by the leeches around him.
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