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Has anyone been to a Tupperware party lately? How did you score an invite? Also: THOSE NAILS.

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Ha. I thought that said "Tupperwhore".


this is so cool. @t


Does anyone else hate direct sales parties as much as me? HAAAAAAAATTTEEEEE


@phipsi Hard core hate. Several of my Southern lady girlfriends are always having Pampered Chef and Scentsy parties, and I have so far successfully avoided them. Premier Jewelry has always been the worst, though.

fondue with cheddar

@phipsi Normally I hate them, but I'll go if there's a particular product I know I'm interested in buying. There are some particular Tupperware containers I love and I want to buy more, so if anybody has a party I will totally go.

Also if it's one of the sex toy parties, because those are great.


@phipsi Hate so much! One of my coworkers is always inviting me to her latest protein shake/clothing/whatever party and I always make up an excuse because ugh, so depressing. Stop trying to make money off of me!


I want all the furniture. I want it now!!!


At the last Tupperware party I was at, the Tupperware lady demonstrated how to explode a walnut into flames using only a microwave oven, and burn through your expensive plastic measuring jug. (Actually, she was showing us how to make chocolate truffles, but that was not the thing I most remember).
As to scoring an invite, they spread via social-obligation-borne virus.


I'm going to take all my tupperware to the beach this summer. They've earned it.


This sent me over to Etsy to troll for vintage Tupperware. I brought my lunch today in a vintage orange Tupperware lunch box. It comes with the 4 little containers inside, and it is just precious. I got it from a guy at a yard sale for $2, and he said he'd never used it. One like it is selling on Etsy for $35, and it has been heavily used. So, bargain!

Also, looking at the old Tupperware pitchers and tumblers so reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen when I was a little girl.


@bevrockin My grandma used to serve orange juice in those orange Beverage Buddies. When she passed away, a lot of her stuff disappeared. I found one at a thrift store the other day...brought a lump to my throat. Yaay vintage Tupperware!


There is a very fun Tupperware documentary that I can't recommend enough: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/tupperware/


@greatkate That was a great way to spend 50 minutes!!!


Whisper? My mother called it "burping the bowl," and learned it in the gracious living room of a lady who took her family to Florida every year with her Tupperware money.


I love the entry under "plastic"

Deb of last year@twitter

Anyone seen the American Experience on Tupperware? You can watch it online here http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/tupperware/ It's FASCINATING. Brownie Wise all but owned that company and when Tupper fired her, she got only a paltry pension and her name and image removed from all company documents.

Deanna Lafond@facebook

My mom used to throw Tupperware parties when I was a kid. We still have vintage 70's and 80's Tupperware kicking around. Also, you can still throw a Tupperware party. Amazing.


I don't really understand how Tupperware parties work. Like, I get the concept of going to someone's house to buy containers, but it sounds like the host is supposed to show you how it works? How thick do you need to be to need more than five seconds instruction? "Ah, okay, so you close the big one by putting the lid on. Right. What about the little one?" "Exactly the same. Look!" "Ah, I see! So clever. Wait, wait, wait! What about the medium one? How does that one work?!" "*sigh* Exactly the same..."


@glitterary It's more of a "let me show you what is for sale and what's new and what the monthly specials are." Sometimes they demo stuff like microwave-safe bowls and mixing pitchers.


The only Tupperware party worth going to is one of Dixie's.
google Dixie's Tupperware party and go. You'll thank me. I went to one almost three years ago and I still giggle when I put leftovers away.


I hosted a Tupperware party last year, and went to two other parties. They're not lame and full of obligation unless the consultant is bad. My consultant is a lot of fun. She gives out fake money during the parties, then holds an auction with it - you outbid your friends to win gadgets; with my competitive friends it can be very entertaining.

One of the parties I went to last year was a brunch party. We had mimosas then made omelets in the new Tupperware microwave cooker. Tipsy plastic fun!

The stuff is quality, too. Better than anything at the store. And it's all lifetime guaranteed. Even if you have your grandma's bowls, if they break, find a consultant and they will replace them, no questions asked. It sounds cheesy but I really love Tupperware. Probably more than I should.


@mannequinhands since I know no tupperware ladies, I bought my mom a big bowl last year online. She loves it. And, no obligation guilt buying!


@mannequinhands I freely admit that I am Tupperware's bitch and I have no shame about it. Great quality products that are incredibly useful, and they help you save money on your food budget. What's not to love?

The last Tupperware party I went to, the consultant was none other than singer Candye Kane! She was awesomeness. She brought a huge bagful of vintage aprons and made everyone wear one during the party, even the dudes. She even sang for us!


It's fairly common in Canada to see Tupperware kiosks in the shopping malls, especially around Christmas. So I have tons of Tupperware, but have only been to one party.

Kenneth Cameron Weiser@facebook

I love Tupperware....it is almost like working but not quite and I am able to work from home and make a really good living! Yea Tupperware!

Natalie Sanchez

i have over 1,000 pieces of Tupperware including, but not limited to, Vintage (lots and lots of Vintage), cannisters, s/p shakers, parfait cups, lids, bowls, cereal containers, etc. You name it, I'm sure I have it. If anyone is interested in buying the entire collection, I am willing to sale. I've never seen so much Tupperware in my life, even at a party...LOL Please feel free to email me at Supernat964@gmail.com if you are interesed.

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