Tuesday, January 8, 2013


"Two Bitches in a Car"

It took me about thirty monthly reads of Vanity Fair's glorious and dishy look at Callie Khouri and the making of Thelma & Louise to notice that the author was Sheila Weller, who is better at writing about bad-ass women than pretty much anyone. And then it all made sense.

The script was infused with her own personality, a model for the older protagonist. “Callie's got a great acid tongue and was wise beyond her years,” says Amanda Temple, who was producing with her then, the two of them working on “horrific” Mötley Crue and Foreigner videos in “the era of excess, macho guys, big hair, and spandex pants,” when “everyone was snorting away their lives.” Temple recalls “casting sessions when a particular director—a huge movie director today, who will go nameless—said, ‘I want more girls with bigger tits, Callie! And less clothes!’ Callie doesn't suffer fools, and there were a lot of foolish people around in those days. Callie and I used to say, ‘You get what you settle for.’ Sometimes she'd say, ‘I'll show them one day.’ ”

MAKE THEM BLEED, Callie. You are allowed to talk about Nashville, too, naturally. We suggest you start with Anne Helen Petersen's roundtable.

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How have I never been to AHP's website before?


@laurel My thoughts exactly. I'm gonna go get lost in it for awhile...


Amazing, very helpful.@j

Anne Helen Petersen

[PS We are going to do another roundtable soon, so if you're interested in collectively figuring out a.) the secret of Connie Britton's hair or b.) how Hayden Panettiere has somehow made herself likable then let me know]

Nicole Cliffe

a) It is not Garnier.
b) Has she? Discuss!

Lisa Frank

@Nicole Cliffe Thanks to Dlisted, she will always be Hayden Panetroll to me.

Nicole Cliffe

Thanks to baked goods aisles circa Christmas, she's Hayden Panettone to me.


Thanks to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, she'll always be Hayden Planetarium to me.


@laurel Thanks to learning too much French in school, she'll always be Hayden Breadbox to me.

Anne Helen Petersen

@Nicole Cliffe I used to loathe her. But now I kinda love her, which I think has everything to do with her singing voice and wounded heart. Also the way the football player mom talked to her.


@Anne Helen Petersen Ah, I have no idea but she is on some s3 episodes of West Wing, and her is not nearly as glorious.

Jennifer Culp

@Anne Helen Petersen YES, YES! a.) Human sacrifice? Genetics? Definitely a bargain with Satan involved somehow.
b.) Sassy dialogue and plot-forwarding bad-but-sympathetic decisions. And singing.
I also have things to say about c.) marble-mouth Scarlett and her brown fake eyelashes and the creepy dudes in her storyline.


@Anne Helen Petersen Thanks to color technology, she'll always be Hayden Pantone to me.


Thelma & Louise was the first R-rated movie I cajoled my mother into letting me see because my friend group in 6th grade all wanted to and were allowed to and somehow we went with our 6th grade teacher. I remember almost nothing that happens except for Geena Davis bangs Baby Brad Pitt and one of them almost gets raped (not sure if I understood that's what was happening at the time, I've seen that scene since) and then they drive into a canyon the end.

Valley Girl

It's totally Brett Ratner, right??? But he started out in hip hop videos, not glam rock...But I feel like it's gotta be Brett Ratner.

Valley Girl

Wow, if Bob Rafelson had taken the T&L directing job he'd have directed TWO of my all-time favorite films. Plus they could have plugged it saying "Thelma and Louise, from the director who gave you Head!". What better for a "women's picture"?


Who else is angry that Thelma & Louise isn't streaming on Netflix right now?


@Lucienne I haven't seen it in ages and now nothing will do but that I watch it IMMEDIATELY.


I am so glad the forces behind T&L stuck to their guns (ha) and made the movie happen the way it did.


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