Tuesday, January 8, 2013


"The January Cure"

Who here likes starting projects a week late? Apartment Therapy has a thing going on called "The January Cure" which sounded too James Bond-y before it started: "Sign up below and we'll send you emails from January 2 through February 1, giving you all the info you need to know to follow along, stay motivated and complete your assignments. By the end of January, you'll be sitting pretty in a clean, fresh, organized home." But how? Well, now that they're five assignments in ("make a list," "select one project from your list"), it looks pretty endorsable/like less of a drag. I'm still probably not going to do it, but I'll follow along for fun.

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Lila Fowler

Any list that starts with 'make a list' is too much for me.

Can this be a New Years Resolution Check-in Thread? I have not smoked for 24 days. (!!!) How you doin'?

Jane Marie

@Lila Fowler congratulations! i think that makes you a nonsmoker, yes?


@Lila Fowler - Wow, nice. After about a billion attempts to quit, I think I am going to try the old "cold turkey and bitching about it" method as soon as I finish this pack (I think I have it timed so my last smoke of the day will be the last in the pack).


@Lila Fowler Congratulations!

Lila Fowler

@Jane Marie I think so! Woo!

@leon s Good luck to you! I did the 'cold turkey and pretending to be really excited about it until I genuinely was excited about it.' You can do it!


@Lila Fowler Well done, that's really good!
(I just had my first cigarette in a week :S I think you have reminded me I should Throw Them Away Now. So, thanks!).


I am not a smoker, but, if I were and if I were trying to quit, I think I would find this article encouraging?


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll - Haha. So true. I just re-read it at lunch!


@Lila Fowler My friend called me at work this morning to tell me he had already cheated on our mutual re-quitting (note: we were supposed to stop TODAY). I haven't had any since Sunday, but we decided to extend our smoking to the end of the Packers' season with our other friend.


Thanks so much for this.It's a really impressive@j


Send me a maid, not some damn emails.


@iceberg Since top of my list would be, "unsubscribe from things that send me too many emails," I don't think this would really work for me. I wholeheartedly second the maid.


@iceberg I don't want to do that, or read about people who are. Sign me up for hoarders in 8 years.


Anything that sends me reminder emails is a no-go.

Ishmaeline of Domesticity

I signed up for it and was doing good until they told me to clean my floors. Lovingly, at that.

I'll keep my hovel.


@Ishmaeline of Domesticity

LOVE your avatar/name, Bara.


@Ishmaeline of Domesticity I sort of like cleaning my floors: get a little drunk, put on some Bollywood soundtracks. But my apartment is 500 sq feet or something, so.


"The January Cure" also sounds like a rehab program for the ex-boyfriends of January Jones.


@Megano! A Cure cover band.

fondue with cheddar

@Mabissa January Jones dressed up like Robert Smith.

fondue with cheddar

Damn...I thought this was going to be a cure for January. Because I've got a serious case of the Januarys right now and the prognosis is not good.


@fondue with cheddar Ohhh, I like the idea of a cure for January. I think it starts with buying tickets to somewhere warm and sunny?


@fondue with cheddar Other animals hibernate during these months. Why can't we just listen to those animals?

fondue with cheddar

@causedbycomma That sounds great, but my health insurance won't cover it. DARN THIS CONFOUNDED HEALTHCARE SYSTEM

fondue with cheddar

@TheBourneApproximation I'm down with that. I feel like I'm hibernating every night, as my bedroom is mysteriously 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house and it makes me want to stay in bed until spring.

sarah girl

@TheBourneApproximation Sounds like you all need HiberNol!


@fondue with cheddar This article from the NYT a few years back on pre-20th century peasant hibernation has really stuck with me for some reason.

"While extreme cold might have set off a biological response normally seen only in squirrels, bears and marmots, human hibernation probably reflects a sensible, communal decision to stay in bed for as long as possible."

fondue with cheddar

@TheBourneApproximation I AM DOWN WITH THIS.


@TheBourneApproximation "But I am le tired." I love that article SO MUCH.

Faintly Macabre

@fondue with cheddar Since I'm used to living in Philly/Boston, I spent all of December in France thinking, "Soon, soon, the days will start getting longer and I won't arrive at work before dawn anymore!"

On Monday, I noticed that it was still pitch-black out when I got to one of my schools--usually there's a little bit of light in the sky. I asked a fellow teacher if it was just my imagination, and she said that no, it apparently stays dark later until February. I have no idea how this is possible, but oh, the misery.


@fondue with cheddar are you doing TAPIF? i did that last year! enjoy the sun being out till 10 when that comes around. :)


The only part of this I've managed is to buy flowers. I can do that!


This assumes you're going to deal with your emails as they come in, as opposed to how most people deal with them, which is to watch them add up and put in the effort to visually ignore them cluttering up your inbox.


I'm doing the January Cure! But not "officially" since I don't like getting more emails and I don't care about sharing my (sure to be amazing!) progress on their comment sections.

I usually get an urge to refresh my living space in January, and this is a good way to pace myself and not burn out trying to clean out the closets and reorganize my cupboard and everything all at once. I can't believe I actually mopped my entire apartment on Saturday afternoon...

I also enjoy that throwing a little gathering to celebrate your refreshed apartment, is built into the cleaning/tidying/purging process, as a fun motivator. I'm gonna host a clothing swap to help clear out all the sweaters & things I am planning to purge from my wardrobe :)

It helps that I have two real-life pals who are doing the January Cure. We can brag to each other and stay on track that way.

the angry little raincloud

Speaking of cleaning, organizing, and stuff... where is A Clean Person? Is Jolie madly writing the book, leaving us adrift in filth? Please let it be published soon, or let her come back to us!

I actually had to look up some Clean Person advice a few days ago* and realized how much I missed her. Such good advice that did not shame me, but showed me how, exactly, I could actually be less disgusting.

* I don't think I used the meat tenderizer correctly. Or maybe one shouldn't buy off-brand meat tenderizer from a bodega. Anyway. I ended up drooling all over the stain and it worked like a charm, but I did have to drink a lot of water.


@the angry little raincloud I also wondered if she's busy writing the book :( On the bright side, I emailed her a question a few months ago and she WROTE BACK (!!) and then told me she might include my question in the book (!!!) so I almost have forgiven her for being gone (!!!!) Almost, but actually I might trade for just getting the clean person column back.


I'm doing the cure! With e-mails and everything. I grumped all the way through mopping the floors, but I have to say, they look fantastic now. Also I find it does help cure the Januaries, since all that mopping keeps me from hiding under a blanket until spring. (I didn't buy flowers though, since the cats would just eat them, and then barf on my newly-mopped floors.)


pshaw who needs a cure when you've got Jolie?! JOLIE I have made my bed every single day since last March and it has been life changing JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW SO I LEFT A BURIED COMMENT INSTEAD OF EMAILING YOU <3 <3 <3


"The January Cure" seems a very interesting project, I would like to sign up after I will finish the remodel of my home. I should Consider elevated Decks from ElevatedDeckSystems.com. and I want to install them,when the next assignment is starting?


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