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Scientology and 'Going Clear'

Quentin later told a church officer that, “Personally, I think my father’s crazy.” The next day he disappeared from the headquarters in Clearwater. A few days later he was found in Las Vegas, in a car with a vacuum tube that led from the exhaust through the passenger’s vent window. Two weeks later, on Nov. 12, 1976, he died in the hospital. Hubbard’s reaction was reportedly: “That little shit has done it to me again!”

Jesus. The Daily Beast pulls "15 Scientology Revelations," of varying degrees of grisliness, from Pulitzer-winner Lawrence Wright's new book/exposé, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, which is out today (Amazon | Indiebound).

See also: My Scientology Story.

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HOLLA AT (Amazon | Indiebound) !!

Judith Slutler

@j-i-a I am super impressed at how The Hairpin initiated that discussion and is now taking steps to adjust its policies on how to link books. so cool. *runs away to read scientology secrets*


That was more grim than I thought it would be.


It was so many more levels of crazy than I thought it would be.


@teaandcakeordeath This gets at something that I noticed during the Scientology Story articles...

Are that south park episode and /b memes like really most people's only exposure to scientology?
I've been watching scientology since the internet became useful (94-96 ish) and I guess I've just always thought of Scientology as a crazy murdering litigious cult/organized-crime with some wacky ideas at the core. It seems like every one else on the site see's it the other way: as a wacky cult with a bit of a shady side or something.

I guess I knew about the fair game policy before I knew about xenu.


I cant speak for other people but I'm surprisingly naive so now Im getting your 18 years of crazy in one post. It's hardcore!


"Travolta’s personal liaison and best friend at the church was a woman named Spanky Taylor." Spanky Taylor, you guys. Spanky. Taylor.


@BoozinSusan Aaaand I just read what actually happened to Spanky Taylor. Sheeyit.


So apparently this delight of a book isn't going to be published in Canada. Come on, who's afraid of a little defamation lawsuit?


@Interrobanged I thought Canada was actually harder to successfully launch a defamation lawsuit (like, took a publishing legal course last year, and I remember the teacher saying this, but I could also be misremembering).


@Megano! It said in the Globe that it was actually easier, I think? The same thing with Britain, it's not being published there either. Coincidence or conspiracy!

Lisa Frank

So The Master was the toned down version? Yikes.


See also "Inside Scientology" by Janet Reitman. My favorite bit of Hubbard-ania, is that he stole Jack Parson's girlfriend and quite a bit of Parson's money. And then used the money to buy a yacht. Man loved him some big boats.

sarah girl

JESUS CHRIST, Scientology.


I feel like the only person who feels kind of bad for Tom Cruise. I think he got sucked in at an early age when he was maybe at a low point and now they have his hooks so far in his personal life that he can't get out.


@Slutface --The thing is, Cruise was reportedly all but out of it for a time, I think during his marriage to Nicole Kidman. It was only after they (Miscavige) came back a-courtin', with their flattery and fake Petit Trianon-style gardens and lavish blandishments, that he really signed back on like gangbusters. I can't begin to guess what his personal process of reconciling with Scientology was, but my guess is that if he'd wanted to stay out, he could have, because he was already well on his way.


@Lu2 But then again, I, too, feel bad for him. Not for precisely the same reasons you do, but because he has to live the way he does and because of the associations he's now all entangled with. It definitely would be very hard for him to get out now, especially given the degree to which Miscavige is invested in him, personally and "professionally" (CoS-wise, I mean).

Daisy Razor

Whenever I read about Scientology, I think I'm prepared for the depths of horror. I never am. This article's WTF moment:

"One church executive was made to mop the bathroom floor with his tongue."



@Daisy Razor GAHHHHH

Judith Slutler

@Daisy Razor the roomful of babies wtf o_o

Daisy Razor

@Emmanuelle Cunt ...I had actually read the baby stuff before. Which is what I mean about thinking I'm prepared! I KNOW they're crazy/evil. But there's always some new crazy/evil that surprises me!


@Daisy Razor I went from "whoa" to "eegh!" to "FLIES FLIES FLIES ANTS ANTS ANTS ANTS AAAAA"


Fruit flies, though? Dollars to donuts that's an entomological misidentification.

Obv. the least important part of the entire piece.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Watch this thread. I will ask my entomologist parents and report back their answer.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Somehow fruit flies made it that much worse to me, because I imagined that on top of whatever other kinds of horrible there was also rotting food. Which somehow made me infinitely sadder.

Nicole Cliffe



Uhhh so for some reason my comment got posted like 4 times. I swear I only pressed the button once!

But seriously, what the fuck. Hubbard was a real piece of shit.


Whoa. I knew Hubbard was an asshole, but pistol whipping your wife for smiling & keeping your baby in a cage? Next level shit, man.


Having followed the My Scientology Story installations intently and having developed a lot of respect/some sense of that kinship you get when you feel you encounter honesty for the author and her mother, who didn't know what they were involved with or how hard it would be to get out, I had built up a lot of sympathy for the people involved with scientology. I still feel that, but HOLY FUCK HOW IS THIS HAPPENING AND PEOPLE SEE IT AND ARE OKAY WITH IT AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR FUCKING LEGAL AND JUSTICE SYSTEMS.


@itiresias it probably doesn't help that i'm reading this right after catching up on the recemt handful of jon stewart's monologues on gun control.


@itiresias Ohhhkay I just also watched one of those monologues, and apparently a gun shop owner is not liable for selling a gun to a drunk person, but a bartender is liable for selling alcohol to a person who then drives drunk. That TOTALLY makes sense. Offtopic but DAMN AM I ANGRY.


I have this book on order at the library, but it has been excerpted so many times, I am wondering if I even need to read it.
Also, I am kind of fantasizing about putting the beatdown on that Miscavige's ass because he grew up to be what every other sociopathic little punk aspires to. Look at his power and how he treats people. He is no better than Jim Jones.

Miss Maszkerádi

What....the fuck.....literally why does this thing exist? (Having a certain respect for the great religions of human history, I refuse to call Scientology a religion.) I just read the thing about Spanky Taylor (what) and her baby and WHAT. WHY. Are these people in charge of this just evil for the fun of it? Are they the actual Illuminati and what is the goal and end and fucking POINT of this?


@itiresias I read the My Scientology Story as well and what stood out the most was when she said that Scientology was doing some good things for people or else people would stop going. Auditing, as weird as it is, was just another way to confront your issues.

However, this shit is fucked up. Seriously. No matter what your issues you should never have to mop a floor with your tounge or allow your baby to be covered in flies or filth.


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