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Robyn, the Queen of All She Surveys, talking to Pitchfork. There are no log rolls, don't get TOO excited. She does reveal that her inspiration for...basically everything...is Rosie Perez at the beginning of "Do the Right Thing," which should only enhance your Robyn experience.

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I was just filled with total bliss and glee and optimism. But also I'm rereading the Aeneid right now so I was immediately afterwards filled with dread at the certainty that one day Robyn will die.


@j-i-a But at least First Citizen Augustus will carry forward her legacy!


I just love Robyn interviews, it gives a bit more of Robyn.@k


This weekend my boyfriend and I were comparing workout playlists (while also gold medal-ing in most abhorrent 21st century couples' activities) and he's now a Robyn convert.

"Show Me Love" was the first CD single I ever owned, so when Body Talk came out it was like a borderline religious "everything is coming full circle" experience for me. Robyn is perfect, is basically what I'm saying here.

@lookuplookup Robyn IS perfect. Seriously, SERIOUSLY perfect.

I ran on the beach a lot this summer (internship in San Francisco = perfect beach running after work) and had a Robyn and M.I.A. beach running mix that made my day, every day.

"Dancing On My Own" + running + the beach = awesome times.


@S. Elizabeth That sounds delightful.


I really want to dye my hair platinum blonde for a bunch of reasons, not least because people kept saying I looked like Robyn and it made me feel AWESOME.

Note: I don't actually look anything like her, but white girls with short blonde hair all look the same. I also got Ellen a lot.


Find love! It is the only way!

give cheese some pants

I saw the tweet that just read "Pitchfork's Interview with Robyn," and I immediately stage-whispered "HALLO??" to myself in my empty office and cracked up for a full 20 seconds. Then I clicked on the link and saw the title of the post and cracked up again. The Hairpin, I love you.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@give cheese some pants Whenever my gf and I discuss Robyn it always includes a "HALLO?" or a "YOU MUST FIND LOVE!"


@give cheese some pants Can you explain the 'hallo' thing? I geek out over Robyn, and somehow I missed this one! Thanks!


@saywhatnow I am probably wrong, because I don't actually follow Robyn that closely, but I think that the "Hallo?" may be related to this hilarious article on the Pin.


I was completely plastered at a Robyn concert and I kept cheering "I LOVE THAT YOU RECYCLE!!"

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@funfetti Oh my god. This is amazing. Had I been there, we would have been fast friends.


Rosie Perez dancing in the opening of "Do the Right Thing" should be the inspiration for everything everyone does ever.


@LastMinuteLulu "Fight the Power" is on my workout mix. I like to imagine I'm Rosie when it comes on.


@LastMinuteLulu People don't talk enough about how awesome that opening is.


I won't lie, when I saw this, my knee-jerk reaction was to sit up straighter in my office chair, and my internal fangirl started cheering, "Robyn! Robyn! ROBYN!"

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

God I love her. She feels so candid in this interview; even though she's just chatting about what she listens to, her answers are intimate somehow.

Julie Whitaker

Did anyone catch the names of the bands/musicians she says she's listening to near the end of the video? A$AP Rocky, Kindness, Mitch something, Mark something?


@Julie Whitaker Mark E :) http://ghostly.com/artists/mark-e


I heart Robyn. I want her to come over & we'll drink coffee and bake a cake and play with the kids....


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