Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Almila, Carolyn & Amelia

Carolyn: “Eating food in my house by myself.”

Amelia: “Watching the ball drop with tourist friends, and making fun of them.”

Almila: “Same old family stuff.”

To celebrate the new year, I walked around Manhattan and asked people to tell me their New Year’s Eve plans.



“I’ll be selling 2013 sunglasses. Let’s hope the bag’s empty when the clock strikes 12.”



“I’m an opera singer – a stratospheric coloratura – so I like singing. Romance without codependence too.”



“My life is boring because I live in New Jersey. I’ll stay at home with my fiancé, cook dinner, have sex.”



“Playing with my cats.”


Lisa, Shai & Meir

Lisa: “We’ll visit the family who hosted us through Hurricane Sandy.”


Lucas & Gabriel

Lucas: “I’m from Brazil, but will stay in New York. I’ll go somewhere warm and dry.”

Gabriel: “I’ll be on a plane to Rio.”



“I’d love to get the fuck out of town. But I have neither the money nor the friends to make that happen.”


“Drinking – not champagne but cheap wine. In Iceland we set off fireworks.”



“Shooting fireworks on a rooftop.”


Marie, Fred, Ella & Emily

Fred: “This New Year’s Eve we’ll pack for a ski trip to Colorado.”

Emily: “It’s a vacation from our vacation.”



“Everybody comes to my house. Son, daughter, all the family. We play cards.”


Jeff & David

David: “We’re going to a punk show in Brooklyn.”

Jeff: “Blanche Blanche Blanche with Merchandise.”



“Sleep.” (conveyed by his nanny)



“A private party at Grand Central. I’m hosting my own party the day before. I’m buying groceries.”



“Getting drunk with friends – dancing all night; ordering food.”



“It’s my first New Year’s Eve in New York. Maybe I’ll go to Times Square?”



“My plans are always last-minute.”


Shannon & Lisa

Shannon: “She has plans.”

Lisa: “Oops, I thought you had plans.”



“To be alive. To be alive.”


Previously: Recipes.

Jon Cotner has made slideshows for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays. He can be found on Twitter.

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

I went to my gf's friend's party that consisted of 20 somethings wearing pajamas and playing donkey kong country.

we left within 20 minutes


@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood That sounds like your misfortune, sir.


so adorableeee<3 @m

Briony Fields

Aw, those girls with matching jackets! And Connor, he has already mastered that devilish lady-slaying look. I really liked "Stay home, cook dinner, have sex" cause that's exactly what I did.


@Briony Fields Same, but more like we picked up burritos, drank 3 bottles of wine, were too drunk to have sex and passed out mid conversation with me as the big spoon.

Still pretty awesome, though.

Briony Fields

@itiresias Being boring rules!

Roxy Hart@facebook

@Briony Fields Yes it does :)

udhi chaalu

@Briony Fields we have a lot of similarities in viewpoints.
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Roxanne Rholes

Ellen, I know your fancy private party will probably be lovely, but my question is this: how do I get invited to the Rodolfo party?


@Roxanne Rholes Right? Rodolfo is the best one.


Connor is one devious-looking baby. Also, Angel, let's be friends.

(I stayed up till 3:30 drinking sparkling wine and prosecco and watching Community with two of my nearest and dearest. It was great.)


@anachronistique I came down to say almost the same thing: Katrin, be my frieeeend, you seem so cooooool.


Tiffany your deal sounded pretty good! My plans were more along the lines of Francisco, and I am paying for it with what is apparently going to be a two day hangover.


These posts right here are the best.


I painted my garage wall and played Kinect Sports! Also for some reason this is the only opportunity I give myself all year to eat double-stuff oreos, so there was that.

Also I admire Ellen's winter style.


I miss that this year and I am sad! I hope y'all had fun. :)


Can't decide if Rodlfo is creepy or sweet. Jeff & David: adorable lil punks!


At first I thought Reginald was trying to sell 2,013 pairs of sunglasses before midnight. I admired his goal until I realized what it actually meant.


I almost burst into tears when I read Victor's.


@SarahP I know! Oh man, Victor. I hope he has a happy life.

Neve Garrett

@SarahP Me tooooooo!!! VICTOR!!! ♥


@SarahP Yep. Right there with you, Victor.


My New Year's day was very much like Rodolfo's, except add in a marathon of Homeland season 1. I pretty much left a permanent butt-shaped dent in my couch.


@olivebee I watched all of season 2 yesterday! I occasionally paused to contemplate whole body atrophy, but then I just pressed play again.


What's up with Connor's giant binder clips?? Why does a baby have better office supplies than me?

Lady Pennyface

My plans were drinking sparkling wine, eating bread and cheese, and watching TV with my SO. Semi-successful - until I fell asleep 20 minutes before midnight and he had to wake me up to kiss me. Promptly fell back asleep and had to drag myself up to bed after waking up with wine breath at 3:30 am.


My night involved thai food, going to a party where I knew almost no one, and climbing up a makeshift ladder to the roof of an apartment building to watch fireworks only to find out that you can't see the fireworks from their roof but no one bothered to find that out before climbing up the ladder of death.

Also, we missed the countdown. We had no idea it was midnight until someone checked their phone and said, oh hey it's midnight.

On the plus side, the thai food was really good and the party leading up to whole "let's climb up this ladder my friend made" part was fun.


I'm with Victor. So far, so good...

Thank you Jon Cotner for this wonderful series. Please never stop talking to people!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

I wonder what it says about me that the self-proclaimed boring night of staying home, cooking dinner and sexing it up sounds like the best. Does that mean I'm a grown up?


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Whether the staying home is boring or not really depends on the people with whom you're staying home.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Bittersweet I suppose having sex doesn't equal boring in my life at the moment, so add that to my thankful list.

Roxy Hart@facebook

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Correction- NJ is boring. Sex is not.


Shannon and Lisa are everyone's cool aunts.


Hey Pat, can I come over next year? I'll bring pistachios.


@PistolPackinMama Does anyone else here think that Pat is somehow related to Leon Singin?

Because I totally think that's his grandfather.


@wee_ramekin I accept the hypothesis is valid!


Sylyse! So smug!


New Year's Eve was a little meh - nobody should ever let me drink on an empty stomach, I get bratty as hell - but the day after was great! Went on a hike, made fancy cocoa, played cards, ordered in pizza, and watched a movie with my BFs. Excellent way to beat a hangover and start the year.

Also, I love these lists. so. much. I want to do one in Portland, just for fun!

almighty jugs

Rodolfo...call me


Where is the love for Francisco? He is one attractive UPS man. I wish I had been hanging out with him instead of being rejected by a boy I like, so now 2012 tops the list of worst New Year's Eves (and there is some stiff competition for that title).


@DoMark shoot, sorry about that. but man, a party with him - Francisco - would have been amazing.

Oliver St. John Mollusc

@DoMark Totally! Francisco knows where it's at. Also, I may be oversensitive to this because all my friends are in relationships or married, but I feel like Tiffany's verging on the ole humblebrag.


@DoMark Francisco = yes. I have a HUGE weakness for that type of man. Hot, sweet, maybe a little moody and rough around the edges, ripped from hard work, sharp and clever. Francisco is a cutie!


@DoMark I read all the comments waiting for it! If he was my delivery man I would order many things.

I hope rejection wasn't all bad? Maybe one of those things you can look back on next NYE and laugh about?


@orejitasmiamor That is my hope! I accidentally spent Jan. 1 reading through old diaries (painful) and realized that I've been treating myself poorly concerning menfolk for approximately 16 years, or all of my dating life. So belated resolution: stop being so hung up about dudes, and admire the Franciscos from afar for a bit!


Sylyse? ...Sylysly?

Miss Maszkerádi

I've spent the last few days utterly useless and passing out asleep on the couch at inopportune times (lasting most of the day.) Jet lag, people! Apparently it gets infinitely worse in the winter! (I'm guessing it has something to do with the general lack of sunlight? Also, this could have been avoided if I had just stayed in Europe grumble whine sigh moan.)

Seriously, does anybody know how to fix a severely fucked up sleep cycle without pharmaceuticals? I was already on a pretty frustrating 3AM-11AM cycle before all this traveling, now it's just like my body is yelling OH MY GOD WHAT DO YOU DO TO ME WITH THESE TIME ZONES HALP. I'd really, really like to get on a nice civilized 7:30am-11pm loop like the productive adult part of humanity.


@Countess Maritza all my advice involves going back in time, sorry

I fell asleep with a bad cold, half an hour before the new year, while all my young, single friends partied in another city on a holiday I was too poor to attend. Not my most exciting New Year's Eve. New Year's Day was great, though - picnic in the botanic gardens with friends and their families, in front of the Toad Hall backdrop from Wind in the Willows, and a trip to the art gallery.


helllooo francisco


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Look how happy these people are when it comes to talking about holidays specifically New Year. Cute Kids. Love em

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New Year, simple. F.U.N. I'm looking forward to it next year.



I wish Christmas and New Year can slow time because these are 2 of the best holidays for me. It just makes me happy.



It's still halfway there but I'm already planning how I can fully enjoy New Year's eve.

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lol reginald. havin fun with his chess board in New Years Eve. Well that's a first for me.



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Sheila Festa

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