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‘Pinup Roundup

Who is sick of sitting inside on a nice warm, comfortable, warm, not cold couch? Let’s GTFO, together. This Friday your e-friends will be hanging at Hi-Fi in NYC from 6 P.M until question mark. Winnipeggers are meeting at Stella’s on Portage at the U of W this Saturday afternoon at 3 P.M., Melbourne folks will be at The Moat on February 22nd, and go to Joe’s Inn in Richmond, VA after 7 P.M. on February 7th for a possibly life-changing evening. If you’re not near any of these joints, you can easily plan your own party over here.

Oh, and also, how are you identifying yourselves at this party? We’ve heard many stories of people showing up for one of these and not knowing which group belonged to them and sitting alone for a few drinks before leaving quietly. This is a national crisis and something must be done. (Name tags?)


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