Monday, January 7, 2013


This Is Pretty Much How It Would Go

Oprah Winfrey, a woman so likeable that Kitty Kelley couldn't put a dent in her, has anointed a new author, adorably:

LYNN NEARY, BYLINE: Ayana Mathis was in Paris when she got a phone call. The woman on the other end said she was Oprah Winfrey.

AYANA MATHIS: I think I said no, it isn't.

OPRAH WINFREY: Yes, exactly.

MATHIS: And then I...

WINFREY: That is what she said.

MATHIS: ...what, what? And then I think I asked her if it was a joke. Did I ask you if it was a joke?

WINFREY: Yes, you did. You said, no, it isn't. Then I said, well, I have your book. I just – but it's always fun to do that.

Do you read "O" Magazine? Because it's the best. Martha Beck has a new revelation about how to lead a better life every single month, and 60% of them work out.

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fondue with cheddar

This sounds wonderful! The link in the post is the mobile version though; the non-mobile version (including link to the player) is here: http://www.npr.org/2012/12/11/166887803/oprahs-second-pick-a-first-time-novelist


Evolution is amazing. @m

Lily Rowan

True fact: I don't like Oprah AT ALL, and I love that magazine. Martha Beck! Dr. Phil! Nice variety in their makeover articles! (Age/size/price range/etc.)


i don't care how wacky she gets, or what she does, i just effing love Oprah. I miss the hey day of her show so much.


ok, help me develop my lifestyle: subscriptions to oprah's magazine are currently $18 for a year, PLUS $35 for subscriptions outside the US. this comes out to about $4.50 an issue. WORTH IT OR NO?


@plonk I've never paid for it (used to get it for free in high school from the gym teacher, picked it up in lobbies and libraries since), but it's definitely one of the best mainstream magazines out there. And I'm ambivalent about Oprah.


@plonk Split the subscription costs with a friend?


Ooooooooh, Martha Beck is amazing. Fun, revelatory, supportive. "Finding Your Own North Star" is so, so, so, so great.


Yes it's one of my guilty pleasures because it's the only woman's magazine that comes close to having _content_. I never watched her show and I don't like Dr. Phil but the magazine is tolerable.


I have been intrigued by the magazine because once or twice I have read it at a nail salon or waiting room or something and found some things to be actually thoughtful? I am not a woman's magazine reader normally, but maybe?


The sticker placement is really bothering me. WHY ISN'T IT ALIGNED WITH THE EDGES?

crane your neck

Ahhh, I love O. Such good writers! So many advice columns!

ms. alex

One of the best days ever at my cashier job was when I got a chance to read O and I found an interview with Rachel Maddow.


martha beck!


but it's definitely one of the best mainstream magazines out there. And I'm ambivalent about Oprah. viagra


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