Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Of Monsters and Men, "Mountain Sound"

For a rousing start to the day, here's Icelandic folk-pop band Of Monsters and Men performing a live rendition of "Mountain Sound," the second most popular track from their My Head Is an Animal album, out since April of last year. The big single from that was "Little Talks," which admittedly sounds a bit like this one, but if you like music with stamping and unified "hah!"s, it's all good. Sound Tracks has another excellent version.

Elsewhere, unrelated: The Atlantic's incredible Scientology sponsored post, Coke's anti-obesity ads, and the Lance Armstrong mess. Also "Interpretive Sushi Dance From Norway."

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fondue with cheddar

The sushi ads! :D


wow you were so lucky I would kill to go and see them..@k


you can pry my coke out of my cold, dead, non-obese hands.

#notthepoint #butstill


@iceberg I think it's interesting that they are promoting all of their no- and low-calorie beverages. You'll pry my Coke Zero out of my cold, dead hands, but I think it's probably just as/close to as bad for me as regular Coke.


So, speaking of sponsored posts...I know you guys have to make money, but they're starting to come every other post (this morning), and I really hate seeing "Girls-the morning after!?!?!" and "PILLSBURY IN EVERYTHING" 6 times a day. My lazy internet brain is finding it onerous to wade through the crap to get to the actual articles.

The Lady of Shalott

@hotdog If you install Adblock on your browser you won't see them. I only see like....one or no sponsored posts each day. And no sidebar ads, either!

Clarence Rosario

I was always partial to "Dirty Paws", and then I realized the CD I bought in Reykjavik was the original Iceland release, and it's missing "Mountain Sound". #firstworldproblems


I was so incredibly lucky to catch them in DC last year in April before the drop of that album. Once they came back in Nov, the tickets sold out in 7 minutes at a standing room only venue.

Daisy Razor

I was unaware that they're a band of hobbits!

This is my new username

@Daisy Razor I was also unaware of this, but now I want to have second breakfast with them!


I got to see Of Monsters and Men last year at a Lolla after show. I had to stand in line for like 3 hours to get into the tiny venue, but it was worth it. They are incredible live, especially in a small setting. They led a lot of singalongs, which was really fun since the audience knew all the words.

Valley Girl

I caught one of those Coke commercials last night. My sugary drink vice is fancy coffee and I could take or leave soda but I am considered obese and I am so tired of being the bad guy. Forget everything evil Coke has ever done as a corporation, forget the fact that we have a broken healthcare system in the US, just pin everything on the headless fatties and move on. Then tell Lena Dunham how brave she is for daring to show off her "fat" body on television. Yawn.


I’d feel happy and proud, and maybe a little jealous, knowing everyone’s checking you out, but then I’d remind myself that that’s OK, because you’re my hyperlinkVideo

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