Monday, January 28, 2013


President Obama's Interview With "The New Republic"

"He bemoaned his own difficulty accessing newspapers and magazines on his ultra-secure presidential iPad, which doesn't allow him to enter required subscriber information."
—Presidents: they have the same problems we do, but for different reasons. Remember when Michael Douglas tried to buy Annette Bening flowers, but the Secret Service had all his credit cards? Me too.

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SCENE: Pres. Barack Obama reading his iPad aboard Air Force One.

OBAMA: Let's see what we've got here. "Why Obama is right about the GOP" Ho ho, this should be a good one.

OBAMA skims article

OBAMA: Well, let's see what the American people think. To the comments section!

OBAMA stares for several seconds.

OBAMA looks up at airplane ceiling.

OBAMA turns off iPad.



@Emby "Hmm, 'the lethal presidency of...' eh, I'll just skip that one."


Really cool - always coming up with something new@t

fondue with cheddar

Couldn't he just have a separate iPad that he uses only for stuff like that? And register under the name of someone in his staff?

Nicole Cliffe

@fondue with cheddar I think suggesting this has already put you in violation of the Patriot Act.

fondue with cheddar

@Nicole Cliffe OH SHIIIIIT. Shall I flee to Canada or Mexico?

RK Fire

I guess the President isn't allowed to use bugmenot.com, is he?

Nicole Cliffe

I think keeping an open Word doc with all his passwords in it is also frowned upon.

RK Fire

@Nicole Cliffe "Sir, 'BoFor2016!' is not a very secure password."


@RK Fire

That's exactly what I was thinking.


So...no one's told him the trick of deleting everything after the ? in the URL?


I constantly wonder what the president's "Workdays" in the White House are like.

And not like, the cool stuff, like time on the phone w/ famous people asking them to campaign for human rights reform. But like...what kind of task management applications does he use? Does he keep 17 different browser windows open at once? Does he spread papers out across the oval office desk, and once or twice a week need to tidy it up for an appearance?

Like, I have never seen a photo of a modern president in front of a ridiculous messy desk. How is this possible?

Also, what percentage of his time is spent "Doing" versus "Reviewing & Staying Aware"? What decisions does the President actually make and what stuff does he just make the decision to hire the best person to his cabinet to make that decision? I mean, he can't be an expert in everything he has to "Executive" all over, so what's that split?

Also, it seems weird that "American President" is the most high-profile job application process in America, and we all get to have a say - and yet most of us know more about running a duck-call business in Louisianna than what the person who actually does the Presidentin' spends his time doing.


@leon s Not to be a pedantic bore and diminish from your lovely daydreaming, but as for paperwork on the desk... The moment anybody in the West Wing is finished with a single piece of paper on their desk, including the President, it's whisked over to the National Archives. There are young little worker bees waiting in the wings over in the executive building awaiting word to come over and remove all the meeting and scribbled notes for the day, or deliver meeting material for the next day. They then deliver it all, that night, over to the archives. Day or night, they sit and wait until the last meeting breaks for the day.


@maevemealone Haha, you haven't diminished the daydream - I'm totally imagining little National Archivists waiting in the wings like ball boys at the tennis, waiting for a stray note to fall off a table - they dart out to catch it before it even hits the floor and put it in the hand of whoever dropped it before the person reaching for the note even notices the note had fallen...
This is gratifying for me, OK?


They were at a storage facility in Wisconsin with the rest of his personal effects. Michael Douglas's credit cards, that is. #TheAmericanPresident4life


@pedgehog I have such a lady hard-on for this movie.
The dogwood is a tree AND a flower!

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