Monday, January 28, 2013


New Music From Jim James, The Strokes, More

Good morning! The first solo album from My Morning Jacket's Jim James, Regions of Light and Sound of God, is streaming on NPR a week ahead of its February 5 release; The Strokes have a new song, "One Way Trigger"; and there isn't currently but will soon be a new Daft Punk album (out this spring). And SNL's "YOLO" digital short was funny and strangely catchy, right?

Elsewhere: The BBC has a history of high heels (see also: Men in High Heeled Shoes in Art); New York has a long, long chat with Steven Soderbergh ("I'm importing this liquor from Bolivia ... You can drink it like water and then you're invisible"); and HuffPo and the L.A. Times have a few SAG Award red-carpet misfires and successes.

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raised amongst catalogs

Yim Yames, I love you forever and ever.


This is amazing.@t


I don't care what HuffPost thought, I liked Viola Davis's dress! January Jones's dress looked weird, though, and not in a "fashion-forward" weird. But maybe the hair just made it worse?

Creature Cheeseman

@SarahP I feel like my grandma wrote some of these. Dark lipstick and a slip (which I'm pretty sure was just part of the dress...) as the reasons for being a "fashion fail?" Isn't that what all the kids are wearing these days? I thought Viola Davis looked beautiful!

Judith Slutler

@Creature Cheeseman Yeah there are zero things wrong with Viola Davis' look. She looks great!


@Creature Cheeseman someone's grandma definitely wrote it! there are only a few of the ones they chose that I actually thought were "fail" worthy.


@Creature Cheeseman Viola Davis did look great, and Nicole Kidman looked like she was being attacked by navy blue mildew. And can we be done with this long transparent skirt/visible granny panties shizz already? It does no one any favors. /grumpy old person rant.

Judith Slutler

Jamie Alexander's dress seriously makes her look like her head and feet are on backwards. It's kind of amazing.


@Emmanuelle Cunt I read this comment and had to go look for myself, and you're 100% right. AWESOME.

fondue with cheddar

I'm so glad you linked to that high heel podcast because it was so great! I mean...it's always great but this was one of the best ones. I made my boyfriend listen to it. :)

Theda Baranowski

I was just ridiculously excited to see Alexis Bledel on a red carpet last night when I was going through Tumblr.

Admittedly it's because I use her as a PB for a journal-based RPG, and red carpet looks were a welcome respite from everyone who thinks she should play Anastasia Steele (Please, Alexis, please, please don't do it.)


What the hell is up with NY Mag and Girls? Soderbergh talks about a lot of interesting things in that interview, and what does the headline include? A TV show he only mentions watching--the one show he really says nothing about, other than "I watch it."

Also, the Strokes new song sounds like a mashup of A-ha and OK Go. I haven't decided if that's a good or bad thing yet.

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