Tuesday, January 8, 2013


New David Bowie, "Where Are We Now?"

Or, how to get a free facelift.* The single — released on his birthday — is Bowie's first in a decade, as the BBC points out, and he's officially debuting it on his own website.

It sounds a bit warbly/alone-at-karaoke-ish to me, but I've never been a huge Bowie fan. His new album, The Next Day, is due out March 12, although this track is available now on iTunes.

*Artist/director Tony Oursler is known for projecting faces on blank heads/head-shapes.

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Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl
cuz it hurts like hell




Took awhile, get it now! taking down the berlin wall, crossing the border? speaking to relatives for first time in many years, wondering if youll be shot making the crossing. Brilliant, but then again I could be wrong.@j


It's like he has a subliminal message in his face. "You will love everything I do, no matter how weird or how indulgent."

and it works, boy howdy, it works

Crackity Jones

@Scandyhoovian You are entirely correct. It is weird and definitely indulgent, but it manages to do the Bowie thing. I have heard various, not-quite-favourable reviews from friends so came to it expecting not-great things. But I like it...

Stacy Worst

I like the track, but completely hate the lyrics on the screen. Ugh, why.

Lili B.

I don't even care what it sounds like, I'm not really capable of listening critically right now, you know? All I can think is BOWIE, YOU BEAUTIFUL WEIRDO, YOU'RE BACK IN MY LIFE. DON'T EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN.


@Lili B. This was my exact reaction.


@Lili B. Preach it, sister.


Edith, I am now on a mission to make you a huge Bowie fan... Exhibit A


@thatsrealbutter Exhibit B: David and Cher, who obviously stole Sonia Rykiel's wig

Lili B.

@thatsrealbutter no joke but I have been looking for this clip for YEARS, it's a hazy childhood memory - I could never find it b/c I kept looking for clips from Soul Train. You have solved a great mystery of my life.


@thatsrealbutter Exhibit C: Drugs (so many drugs), David, and Marianne dressed as a smoking hot nun singing "I Got You Babe"


@Lili B. Whenever I'm sad I watch that clip and am instantly joyous!

Lili B.

@thatsrealbutter also Exhibit D: Bowie with a "mystery caller" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXABh88Dkes


@laurel I have just died


@thatsrealbutter This is my favourite Bowie song, and I had never seen this clip from the Cher show before! Thank you so much!


@Decca I spam that video so much. . .I think everyone I know has received it at least twice. It is amazing!


@Decca @thatsrealbutter Here's another gem from the Dinah Shore show, where Bowie and the Fonz interact. It's pretty great, and features Bowie talking about how he did mime when he was young. NOT SURPRISED. http://youtu.be/BTM2HBy_ix4


@thatsrealbutter I am also quite dead

Hot Doom

@laurel I love Bowie. I love Bowie. I love Bowie.

As an aside, remember when someone threw a lollipop on stage and it got stuck in his eye?


@Hot Doom No! But apparently it hit him in the same eye that was injured when he was a kid making it look like he's got two different colored eyes? Perhaps he should take up wearing glasses.

I also didn't know until recently that he had a heart attack in 2004. Now I worry about him dying. All the time.


@thatsrealbutter Exhibit E, holiday edition. "You're not the poor relation from America, are you?"

runner in the garden

@laurel thank you for introducing me to this 2002 A&E Live By Request show - it's fantastic.

runner in the garden

@thatsrealbutter I love/hate the "Be My Wife" video. It's like John Waters' mustache developed sentience and shot a video about itself.


@runner in the garden That's an incredibly apt description!. The dead-eyed faces, the makeup he clearly borrowed from a mortician. . .demented in the best way.


The slug for this post is the best, though.


@Lili B. "Clean Iceland"


new Bowie album coming out right before my birthday, I can only take this as a sign of the universe aligning in my favor.


receiving transmission from david bowie's nipple antennae


@itiresias do they have grass out in space bowie? or do you smoke ASTROTURF


@itiresias that's pretty far out, man!

Hot Doom

@itiresias I literally can't think about David Bowie now without thinking about Bowie in space.


@highfivesforall Hanging out with the Mick Jaggernauts!

Heat Signature

Dude was pretty badass in "Labrynith", that's all I know.

Lili B.

@Heat Signature Labyrinth was him toning it down.


@Lili B. I'm pretty sure Labyrinth is what triggered that whole puberty thing for me.


I don't... I mean... NOT A BOWIE FAN???!

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