Friday, January 4, 2013


Miloš Karadaglić, "Oriental," by Enrique Granados

If there's any way to listen to this without looking at the man playing it, I'd recommend that. And then listen to it again, and check in once or twice, if you want to. (Good morning!)

It's from the excellent PBS show Sound Tracks (full shows here), and Miloš Karadaglić is from Montenegro, and it seems he and I were born in the same year (and that he has a website, and a Twitter), so that means we're probably in love now, which also means that it's probably not really worth anyone's time to actually check in after they click play, because ... I don't want anyone else ... to be able to look at him ... again? Hmmm, well, so that is ironclad, and those are the rules, and this is between Miloš and me from now on. Thank you and farewell!

What do you mean there is a gallery??

Other new videos: Kendrick Lamar ("Backseat Freestyle"), Beach House ("New Year"), and Toro & Moi ("Say That").

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I bet in his high school yearbook in Montenegro he won Best Smile. Or Best Eyebrows.

raised amongst catalogs

@OhMyGoshYouGuys I imagined him as a baby and think that, even then, he would have won both of those things.


You should really put a tab book up for sale!!@m


Aw, he just looks so sad playing that song! Come here, I will make it better...lol

Esther C. Werdiger

Haha! Oh Edith. And can't he wear a crazy billowy blouse like a normal classical guitarist? Why does he have to wear sexy plaids, like we are in front of a fire and those faces are for me? Brain... cannot... compute.

Lumpy Space Princess

Oh mah gahd you guys, for a second I thought he was Scruffy from "The Outs" (another painfully attractive person). Has anyone else seen The Outs? Go look up The Outs and watch it now and come back. It's real good. The Outs. http://www.theouts.tv/

Tammy Pajamas

That guy is very cute and talented and does win all awards in the eyebrow category. But beware the classical guitarist! I hooked up with one once and that right hand (assuming he's right handed) is a creepy, long-fingernailed claw hand.


@Tammy Pajamas YOU ARE SO RIGHT:


Tammy Pajamas

@Jones I just had a physical reaction to that picture. ****SHUDDER****


Finally, I will listen to music from Montenegro that wasn't in the Eurovision competition!

fondue with cheddar

Wow...he looks very much like a guy I went to high school with and briefly dated in my twenties, especially the eyes and eyebrows!

Jolly Farton

@fondue with cheddar Congratulations. How wonderful.

fondue with cheddar

@lilly pilgrim I totally fucked it up though.

Jolly Farton

@fondue with cheddar (you know I was keeeeding, yeees?)

fondue with cheddar

@lilly pilgrim I figured. But really, I did fuck it up! I had no idea what I wanted and broke up with him because I just wasn't "feeling it". He was a really sweet guy and he really liked me. And he could cook! I was so clueless about relationships.

And that's not all I was clueless about. When I met him freshman year of high school he was in that awkward half-boy/half-man phase. By the time we dated several years later he was probably super hot but I just didn't see it. I guess I kind of always saw the awkward young version of him in my mind. Or maybe he just got better-looking since, I don't know. I saw him recently on Facebook and HOLY SHIT is he hot. I really dropped the ball.

Jolly Farton

@fondue with cheddar I won't go too far into it, but I have to tell you that the things you said are Very Relevant to a certain dilemma I am dealing with nowadays. It's just really weird to me because you didn't have to tell me what happened, but you did (stay with me here), and it turned out to be something that I really needed to hear?! IT'S LIKE YOU'RE AN ANGEL, is what I'm sayin

No I don't read too much into things, why do you ask

fondue with cheddar

@lilly pilgrim NO SHIT. I can't imagine what part of that you needed to hear, but I'm so glad it helped! Man...I've accidentally done bad things many times; it's nice to accidentally do a good thing for once. :)

How cool would that superpower be? To just swoop down and tell someone exactly what they need to hear at any given moment without knowing anything about the circumstances. Awesome.

Jolly Farton

@fondue with cheddar :) lovelovelove


I saw him play at Berghain one summer. We all lolled around in the garden out the back, looking at the sky and listening.

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