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“Everyone Masturbates”: L. Ron Hubbard’s Sadder Mantras

Individual, surprisingly moving mantras selected from the superlative “Going Clear” by Lawrence Wright (Amazon | Indiebound), which we are now basically done writing about, at least for today.

“I can write.”

“My mind is still brilliant.”

“That masturbation is no sin or crime.”

“That I do not need to have ulcers anymore.”

“That the numbers 7, 25 and 16 are not unlucky or evil for me.”

“That I am not susceptible to colds.”

“You have no urge to talk about your navy life. You do not like to talk of it. You never illustrate your point with bogus stories. It is not necessary for you to lie to be amusing and witty.”

“You like to have your intimate friends approve of and love you for what you are. This desire to be loved does not amound to a psychosis.”

“You will makes fortunes writing.”

“You will always look young.”

“You have no doubts about God.”

“You are not a coward.”

“Your hip is a post. You have a sound hip. It never hurts. Your shoulder never hurts.”

“You have no fear of what any woman may think of your bed conduct.”

“Self pity and conceit are not wrong. Your mother was in error.”

“Masturbation does not injure or make insane. Your parents were in error. Everyone masturbates.”

“You did a fine job in the Navy. No one there is now ‘out to get you.'”

“Snakes are not dangerous to you. There are no snakes in the bottom of your bed.”

“You do not masturbate.”


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