Monday, January 28, 2013


Gilding Their Loins for Combat

Artist Jeff de Boer has created a selection of armour for cats and mice. Or, you know, he can show you how to make your own.

He also has a great FAQ section:

Q. Have you ever put a mouse into a suit of armour?

A. If there was one question that I have been asked the most, this is the one. I have not put a mouse into a suit of armour. I have, however, tried it with one of my cats, and have the scars to prove it. Yes, it can be done, but that's not the point.

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fondue with cheddar

I've seen this before but I could have sworn it was here! This is definitely one of the best things on the Internet.

fondue with cheddar

One would think the cat would win, but imagine how pissed off it would get after trying unsuccessfully to get at the mouse inside the armor. I think most cats would give up and walk away (I know mine would), which I guess would make the mouse the victor.

Unless the cat's name is Victor, in which case they would both be the victor. OH NO.


Darwin would look super cute in a suit of armour, so if he ever needs doggy models...I volunteer him.


"I know this: the making of the first armour mouse was the first time I was able to put the sum total of my being into something."


You mean "Girding Lions for Combat"?

It's ok, I know how to leave without the bouncer. I'll show myself out.


I think if I tried to put armour on my cats they'd just fall over when they tried to walk and then get really cross.


Reepicheep would approve of Aslan on back.
Oh yes I went there.

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